After seeing Maegan's DIY for adding fur to your shoes (and boots), I immediately jumped in my car (okay, I showered first) and headed out on a mission to get some faux fur from Fabricland.  Maegan used faux fur trim for hers, but unfortunately the only trim at my store was white and dark purple (which I contemplated, but passed up).  I really wanted a tan coloured fur, or as a second resort black or grey.  I left the fabric store feeling defeated but then remembered Walmart sold faux fur rugs.  I took a chance and amongst the hot pink, lime green, black, white and dark grey there was (woohoo!) this tan colour.  $20 for the rug makes it cheaper than buying faux fur by the meter at the fabric store ($38/m) too - score.  Excited, I ran home and started cutting apart the rug and voila.  Head to Meagan's blog to check out the full DIY.

Aldo 'Rubin' (last seen here)
 Ricki's jacket (last seen here), Violet & Claire top, La Senza stole, H&M pants, 
Urban Original boots (last seen here), Aldo belt & clutch, Joe Fresh gloves & custom PBR Designs necklace

Happy Valentines' Day!  I am always excited to use any holiday to dress up as an excuse and Valentines' Day is no exception.  I love the idea of pinks and reds and going either sexy or sweet, however, more often than not as the day arrives I cannot for the life of me put together an outfit I'm satisfied with.  And what do I end up with?  An entire black outfit with a sole red belt.  WTF?  I couldn't get more creative than this?!  Ugh.  I initially started out wearing these pants with this outfit but wasn't feeling it at all.  Ultimately, time was running short so I swapped in my new H&M pants from my weekend away and called it an outfit. 

Sidenote: totally rockin' the red lip (resolution alert!), I mean, what better excuse than Valentines' Day, right?  Well, not so great for kissing, but whatevs... regardless, it's so-so and husband agreed he prefers no lipstick.

Husband calls the middle shot, 'The waxer' - yeah, you can probably 
get an idea of what he's talking about - totally classy, just like my pose.

 Jacob dress, Urban Original faux fur shrug, Sirens leggings, Ardene necklace & Forever 21 bracelet

This is the dress I bought on Boxing Day from Jacob.  I was so excited about it and it was my most expensive purchase of the day at $50 (it was 50% off).  It's made from silk and was a great tunic length, loose fitting but still skimmed the body and was just overall chic.  You know what's not chic?  When your dress rips up the back (oh, that sounds familiar) within the first hour of wearing it.  Awesome.  Not.  Yeah and we had already left the house when my dress split about 6 inches at the top.  Fortunately the fur shrug covered it until we got home, and good thing because when I leaned across the dinner table, rrrrrrriiiiiippppppp, the little-hole-that-could got even bigger.

I went home, steamed the dress (why?  I don't know...), grabbed the tag and receipt and headed back to the store feeling defeated.  I knew it was the only one they had in my size so the chances of getting another one were slim (but would I want another one anyways considering what happened?).  When I pulled the dress out, before even showing the girl what was going on in the back, she jumped in and said, 'Did it split up the back?'  Why yes, yes it did, and she swiftly grabbed another dress, just like mine, that someone had returned earlier with the exact-same-problem.  Oh well.  Not meant to be.  I'll buy something for spring with my $50 in-store credit.  And hey, at least I got these fab outfit photos out of it.

 Ricki's jacket (last seen here), Old Navy button-down, Club Monaco jeans, 
Mossimo flats, H&M belt (last seen here) & Aldo necklace

I went and did some Christmas shopping last night and this is what I wore.  I was lazing around the house all day long and with husband working later on, I wanted to put on 'real' clothes (and make up!) and get out of there for a bit.  I ended up only returning a few things (the impulse boots I mentioned), wandering around aimlessly, taking a break on a mall bench before eventually heading home.  First, though, I picked up ingredients so I could make Caesars, pizza and a cheese plate for my hubs.  When he got home, it was the first time he'd seen my hair since I got it done on Thursday evening (both nights I was already sleeping when he got home and in the mornings I was up and off before he was) and he was loving it.  He immediately whipped out his iPhone and started snapping pictures of me, non stop (so cute).  The outfit was a bit hit too as he couldn't stop raving about how much he liked it (score!).
 Ricki's jacket (last seen here), Alfred Sung top, Seduction skirt, Aldo shoes (last seen here), 
Givenchy tights, Joe Fresh gloves, unknown necklace & Suzy headband

Winter is officially here... well, for us it is.  I know many of you have had piles of snow for a while now (or, if you're lucky, in my books, don't get snow) but we have not.  Now this not to be confused with thinking this is normal for us, it's not.  Normally we have piles of snow by now, we just got 'lucky' this year (seriously, I've been in the best moods seeing green grass into December, which is just unheard of).  If you don't believe me, let me remind you with this post.  I'm talking several feet of snow, and by several, I mean like eight feet of snow last year... or maybe that was the year before, I think last year wasn't as bad... oh who can remember?!  The point is, we get a ton of snow every year and for those of you who don't, count your lucky stars because after Christmas, it's not as merry as you'd think!  Ha!

In other news, I wore this to my Grammy's senior residence's Christmas party yesterday (and can I just add that I have no Christmas parties to go to this year?  Sad, I know, so I really took this opportunity to rise to the occasion and dress up).  When I left the house, it was cloudy, cold, but dry - there was not a flake of snow.  I thought I was fortunate when I found flats in the backseat of my car as I had to park, and walk, four blocks to the party (the parking lot was full, and so was the party, I discovered when I finally got there).  However, I was much more thankful for those flats when we left the party and it was a snowstorm!  Can you imagine teetering four blocks in the snow in these heels to get to my car?  Me neither, and I wouldn't have had to anyways because my parents parked close and they drove me.  Regardless, I had errands to run after the fact and that would not have happened without those flats (go me for being messy and leaving shoes in my car).  Rest assure though, I slipped these heels back on my feet just for you guys and this little photo shoot with hubs (and almost wiped out, again).

I am such a terrible packer.  The worst.  Usually I just throw half my closet into my suitcase, add six to eight more items, and call it a vacation.  That usually includes items I've never worn before, items I haven't worn in forever (but I'll certainly want them for my holiday, oh yeah), all my favourites and their favourites.  It's really ridiculous.  This time, though, I made a pact with myself I would do better.  I would plan.  And plan I did.  I styled all my outfits, down to the accessories and undies and packed away.  Only going for four days, yet, my largest suitcase is quite full (still dealing with terrible-packer-syndrom, to a certain extent.  What?! You can't expect me to be cured in one trip!).  However, I think I've done a fair job... I guess time will tell.  I'm heading out of town to visit my BFF and I'm so excited.  What will this mini-vacation include?  A little sushi, a little salsa, a little shopping and a lot of bonding.  How are your packing skills?
{ yup, had to pack my fave wedges }

{ some furry items I'm taking with me, including my leopard ear muffs }

What you didn't see:  probably taking these boots or something similar
Coffeeshop vest, 725 top, Ardene tank, Almost Famous jeans (last seen here), 
Anne Michelle boots & Suzy necklace (last seen here)

While over at one of my best friend's houses the other night, she pulled out this fab (brand spankin' new) faux fur vest, and then, she gave it to me (what!).  I was super stoked and so grateful, I absolutely love it (thanks KK).

 Ricki's jacket, Esprit sweater (thrifted), H&M tank (worn backwards) & skirt,
Liliana heels (last seen here), Joe Fresh necklace, Aldo ring & Mexican bracelet

While on a recent thrifting jaunt (yes, jaunt), I was heading to the cash and spied this mint green knit mohair sweater peeking out from a bunch of dud sweaters.  I quickly whipped down the aisle, held it up and imagined it used to belong to some elderly woman.  Perfect.  I purchased it immediately and left even happier.  Imagine my surprise when I washed it (before wearing, of course) and saw the 'Esprit' lable inside.  Elderly lady it did not belong to, yet, likely some girl my age.  Nonetheless, it was an excellent find, even if it's not vintage.

Next up, as you might know, I took a really bad fall almost two weeks ago, and was off work for just over a week.  It was pretty terrible, but the rest did me well as I'm back at work this week and feeling almost as good as new.  This past Saturday, I had my family Thanksgiving (the one I posted about was the in-laws) and since I was still unable to drive (due to my back), my parents had planned to pick me up.  Well, dinner was at 5:30pm but my mom called at 10:30am to see if I'd be ready for 1pm instead.  Why so early (!? - I shrieked a little), and she calmly replied, 'So we can go to the mall first?'  Without hesitation I said I'd be ready for 1pm.  After being cooped up in the house for a week and a half, I wanted to get out (and to my second home, needless to say).  Now of course, by the end of the shopping trip, I was getting a little sore and my back was agitated, but, it was worth it.  You know why?  Because I picked up this amazing white faux fur jacket!  I saw it and it was love at first sight.  The store had just unpacked it that morning and it wasn't even on the floor yet!  The best part?  My mom printed an extra coupon for me to use (that day only) to get 40% off.  It was a no brainer.  A slight splurge, but a no brainer.  I think we will be very happy together.  I already showed her off a little.

Keepin' it Faux

 Prices & Details

Now that the weather is getting brisk, why not wrap yourself up in some fabulous faux fur?  Fur can be fabulous, so long as it's fake, in many styles (vests, jackets, stoles, collars, hats & glove trims).  Will you be keepin' it faux this year?
Fur, fur, everywhere.  Fur has been all over the Fall 2010 and Spring (!) 2010 runways.  I'm a huge fan (in the faux variety, of course) and think it's a great way to add interest to an oufit, but of course, can be tricky to do.  I've scoped out some of my favourite pieces / looks ... what are yours?

Fall 2010

Spring 2010

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