Saturday, October 2, 2010

Deja Vu

Ashley B jacket (last seen here), Club Monaco top, Smart Set cami, H&M skirt, Gap wedges (last seen here),
Suzy belt & bangle, Le Chateau pashmina, Aldo ring & Joe Fresh necklace

Upon arriving at work the other day I realized I'd worn a very similar variation of this outfit  in the spring.  Funny I didn't realize that while getting dressed.

In other news, I took a really bad fall on Thursday night.  I was heading out to meet a friend and had thrown on some A&F sweatpants I'd cut into capris.  I slipped on my flip flops and headed out.  It was pouring rain and we have a deck on the front of our house.  While standing under the awning of the house at the door, I clicked my car doors unlocked and went to make a run for it.  Bad idea.  The combination of rain, on wood and me in flip flops made the deck super slippery, and with my second (run) step, my feet flew out from under me and I landed at the top step (of two) on my tailbone and slid down the stairs and rolled onto the pavement.  I swear my feet were higher than my head and it just happened so fast.  So there I was, lying on our driveway, screaming in pain, in the pouring rain.  It only took a few seconds to realize I was all alone (hubs was working) and I seriously needed to get up, if I could.  Just then, a man came running up our driveway (he'd heard my screams, but hadn't seen it happen) with his dog.  I was so grateful to see someone.  He helped me up, carried me onto the deck and sat me our deck furniture.  I sat there sobbing, covered in dirt and all wet.  He stayed with me until I was able to get up and go inside.  I guess my adrenaline was pumping because I walked into the house (in a lot of pain), grabbed a gel ice pack and layed down on the living room floor, crying hysterically.  I called my parents and they rushed over, with my sister (who was over there for dinner that night).  I layed in the living room crying and icing my tailbone / back, in so much pain.  Finally, after about a hour of laying there, my sister helped me roll onto my side so I could take some Advil from my mom.  About 15 minutes later, I tried to pull myself onto my knees with her help and the help of a chair.   Eventually, with lots of pain, I was able to sit on the chair (with one buttcheek hanging off as I really did a number to the left side of my tailbone / lower back).  I was unable to walk, and moving was really awful.  My sister had to drag me to the bathroom and eventually up to our room to go to bed.  On Friday I went to the chiropractor (my sister took me) and had x-rays done and an adjustment (and I'm not one who normally goes to the chiro, just FYI).  Upon leaving, I was walking with barely any limping and actually felt better.  However, still very very sore in my butt, back and neck.

Today I'm still in pain and have a hard time getting comfortable (sitting, standing and lying down hurts), but, it is definitely getting better.  I'm on the mend and am able to walk around normally, do stairs, etc.  Just trying to not make any sudden movements, I have to turn my whole body to talk to people (versus just turning my head) and am moving slowly.  However, I will survive and I am just so grateful to that man who helped me, and that I have such amazing friends and family to help me.

{ just got these babies fixed - new heel caps }



Enamodeuse said...

Love the multibelt, really well combined with that black skirt;)

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Love your belt. Look after yourself, hope you feel better soon.

Isabel said...

the fall sounds aweful...i hope you feel better soon!

Natasha xoxo said...

I'm glad you are ok! Feel better hun.

<3, natasha
twenty-something blog

Anonymous said...

Eek!!! I'm glad you're okay, or at least on the mend. Slipping and falling when no one is around is terrifying.

I hurt my tailbone snowboarding a few years back and two days after it happened I had to sit on a fight for 6 hours. Probably the worst 6 hours of my life.

I totally just got a very similar belt and I love it!!

Hope you're fully healed soon! xx

Fifth Sparrow said...

Awh! So sorry about the fall, glad you're on the mend though. That sounds like it was horrible. :(

At least you look gorgeously chic though, that belt is kick ass! xx

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that sounds so awful! I'm glad someone was there to help and youre friends and fam are doing a great job of taking care of you - hang in there!

LyddieGal said...

Oh god, that sounds awful!! I hope you recover completely very quickly!

I love your belt(s) and your repeat look is still fabulous.

Chic on the Cheap

Anna Jane said...

you look awesome!

so sorry about your fall--sounds so painful. hope you get well, soon!

xx anna j

Alicia said...

wow the first picture seriously looks straight out of a magazine! You look beautiful and love the skirt - perfect for work ;)

Sara said...

Oh gosh, I similarly fell on wet stairs once and I too busted my ass so I feel for you & hope it gets better quickly! For me, after about 2 days I was OK, although it hurt for about 2 weeks. I had a paper due the next day and literally could not sit at my computer to work on it because my butt hurt so much! Thankfully my teacher believed my stupid story and let me turn it in a day late :P

Lorena said...

Wow after reading about that awful fall, I feel like I fell with you :(
I hope you are better by now and I have to say you look amazing... through the pain :)
I MUST ASK, that belt. OMG, it is fabulous.
May I ask it's origin ?

Veronika said...

that belt and entire outfit= perfection!

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