Thursday, November 11, 2010

Leaving on a Jet ... Train

I am such a terrible packer.  The worst.  Usually I just throw half my closet into my suitcase, add six to eight more items, and call it a vacation.  That usually includes items I've never worn before, items I haven't worn in forever (but I'll certainly want them for my holiday, oh yeah), all my favourites and their favourites.  It's really ridiculous.  This time, though, I made a pact with myself I would do better.  I would plan.  And plan I did.  I styled all my outfits, down to the accessories and undies and packed away.  Only going for four days, yet, my largest suitcase is quite full (still dealing with terrible-packer-syndrom, to a certain extent.  What?! You can't expect me to be cured in one trip!).  However, I think I've done a fair job... I guess time will tell.  I'm heading out of town to visit my BFF and I'm so excited.  What will this mini-vacation include?  A little sushi, a little salsa, a little shopping and a lot of bonding.  How are your packing skills?
{ yup, had to pack my fave wedges }

{ some furry items I'm taking with me, including my leopard ear muffs }

What you didn't see:  probably taking these boots or something similar


Anonymous said...

Nice progress on the packing! I'm a horrible packer, I throw a ton of stuff out and let Jared figure out how to get it all in a bag :)

Unknown said...

same here, but looks like you did a pretty good job this time! you never know when you'll want something while you're away :)


Isabel said...

im a pretty bad packer. i just throw everything into the bag. haha. i always think i should plan but i dont.

Sharon Lei said...

Days spent with the BFF always excite me! Mines lives almost 3000 miles away. And although our visits are far and few, it's like we never left eachother's side when we meet again. I love that!

I hope you have an awesome time A! And I'm a terrible packer too. I want to bring my whole closet with me. ha ha ha.

xx Love & Aloha

julianne. said...

you have such an amazing wardrobe.<3

JINX said...

first off i want to say... you are so damn beautiful... but i want to feature you on my blog, please send me your email address...

LyddieGal said...

my packing skills are awful!
I always bring more shoes than I need, but then forget things like jackets. I bring 20 million pairs of underwear, but no socks.

I think planning out all your outfits is a great idea, but of course you need to pack extra things - you need a contingency plan!

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