Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Rip & The Return

 Jacob dress, Urban Original faux fur shrug, Sirens leggings, Ardene necklace & Forever 21 bracelet

This is the dress I bought on Boxing Day from Jacob.  I was so excited about it and it was my most expensive purchase of the day at $50 (it was 50% off).  It's made from silk and was a great tunic length, loose fitting but still skimmed the body and was just overall chic.  You know what's not chic?  When your dress rips up the back (oh, that sounds familiar) within the first hour of wearing it.  Awesome.  Not.  Yeah and we had already left the house when my dress split about 6 inches at the top.  Fortunately the fur shrug covered it until we got home, and good thing because when I leaned across the dinner table, rrrrrrriiiiiippppppp, the little-hole-that-could got even bigger.

I went home, steamed the dress (why?  I don't know...), grabbed the tag and receipt and headed back to the store feeling defeated.  I knew it was the only one they had in my size so the chances of getting another one were slim (but would I want another one anyways considering what happened?).  When I pulled the dress out, before even showing the girl what was going on in the back, she jumped in and said, 'Did it split up the back?'  Why yes, yes it did, and she swiftly grabbed another dress, just like mine, that someone had returned earlier with the exact-same-problem.  Oh well.  Not meant to be.  I'll buy something for spring with my $50 in-store credit.  And hey, at least I got these fab outfit photos out of it.



Katie said...

Oh no :( Well hopefully youll find something better - that wont rip, of course.

In my blog sale I'm selling a ton of OPI polishes. I know you love them lol.

Daniela said...

love that vest!
At least you were able to return the dress... you'll get something better!

Alicia said...

Love the touch of fur!

modern.girl said...

hahaha... what a piece of sh**! that sucks when you find something you like and it just doesn't work out. you look hot even in a ripped dress. :)

♥ Erin ♥ said...

LOVE the fur shrug!

~ Erin

Jenni Austria Germany said...

cute vest. and i am dying over the rice bowl!!!

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