Outfit deets:
* Forever 21 tank.
* Almost Famous denim shorts.
* Call It Spring sandals (super old, my total favourites & worn to death).
* Ardene fedora & heart-shaped sunnies.

One last outfit from our vacation to Punta Cana last month--I almost forgot I had these photos.  I would have shared more however my bathing suit made an awkward wet mark mid-chest and kind of ruined the photoshoot #vacationproblems.

What are your plans for the weekend?  I have a busy one lined up: tonight I'm hitting the gym with a friend, then some shopping.  Saturday will be spent likely practicing some tennis--I managed to get a 3-hit rally going last night for the first time ever!--and then celebrating my Mom's birthday.  On Sunday I will be spending the day celebrating my good friend's upcoming nuptials at her bridal shower.  Hope you have a great one and happy Memorial Day long weekend to my US readers and friends.

Outfit deets: 
* Victoria's Secret bikini top which you saw in Mexico last year.
* Reitmans sweater (new!).
* Colbretti denim cut offs, thrifted & DIY'ed into shorts which you've seen on date night last summer.
* Accessories: G21 shades (yes, from Walmart).

I'm rounding out the last few photos from our vacation to Punta Cana last month.  If I could wear something all the time, it would be something along these lines: shorts & a flowy sweater (or skinny pants and edgy boots).

This week has been a miss mash of stuff, we've had friends over almost every night (one at a time, because that's how we roll, apparently) to catch up and eat.  I've listed--and sold--my shoe and rolling racks.  I've cooked, baked, and vacuumed the condo.  And, the most exciting news of all--and this is serious, 'You need to be grown to get excited for this'--our entertainment unit was delivered and we got a Roomba.  

I know.  The things dreams are made of.

Big dreams, guys.  Serious.  Adult.  Dreams.

Happy Thursday!

Outfit deets:
* H&M top.
* Wet Seat crochet shorts which I've posted on Instagram for a night out outfit.
* Vince Camuto 'Kastern' sandals (new-ish!) that I've worn with a peach tiered skirt.
* Accessories: MK watch, F21 wrap bracelet & Gucci sunnies (looking at these pictures I'm thinking, 'Where is my necklace?!').

Happy Friday!  So glad the weekend is here.  I have a super busy weekend lined up and I am actually off work today (hoorah!).  Initially we were going to Mt. Tremblant for my sister's bachelorette this weekend, hence why I took today off, but the plan has changed and we are staying local (but it's going to be a wicked time).

Today I have a bunch of boring stuff to do, errands, cleaning and running around, but tonight that all changes which I'm excited for.  Tomorrow is the bachelorette and Sunday is a Baby Shower for one of my closest friends.  Busy right?  Thank goodness for day's like today to get it all organized.

Have a great weekend!

Outfit deets:
* Wild Rose top (gift from a friend for my birthday, via Winners) which is shorter on the sides so I have to wear a tank/tube top underneath, but with the wide v-neck, it's great for off the shoulder.
* Sirens shorts in neon pink which I'm obsessed with (seen here with a lot of colour).  I picked up an orange pair in Florida from TJ Maxx, then found these pink ones when I got back home, and most recently picked up a lemon-lime pair.  These neon shorts have officially become my go-to for dates with my girlfriends, nights out and afternoon family get togethers.
* American Eagle wedges (I wore these in the winter with tights and added fur like with this add fur DIY).
* Accessories: MK watch, Mexican bangle & Dollarama hoop earrings.

Oh Friday, thank God you're here.  This has been one of those week's where it's not planned to be busy, but then turns out to be busy.

On Monday morning to work, my car broke down, so I sat in the 8:30am heat for about an hour for the tow truck to come.  On the bright side, I got to enjoy some beautiful morning sunshine and weather. 

My car was towed to my parent's house as my Dad is a (retired) mechanic and can often help.  After two days of trying to diagnose the problem, ordering parts and trial and error, he found the problem and saved me over $500 (aren't Dad's wonderful!?).  In the mean time, my girl friend was driving me to and from work (so sweet) and another picked me up one night to hang out and dropped me off later.  Two nights ago I went and test drove a car I'm in love with and now have a lot to think about.

What's up this weekend?  I'm planning to do a lot of sleeping in (too many late nights this week and I'm spreading myself thin) and spending the rest of the time outside and with my girl friends.  I can't wait for the clock to strike 4pm today, that's when the party truly begins.

Have a great weekend!

Outfit deets:
* Fresh top (from Winners) which I've had for several years but don't think I've worn on the blog.
* DIY denim shorts which although I made them a couple years ago, I never wore them much and now I'm wearing them frequently; case in point, out dancing two weekends ago.
* Sam Edelman 'Sophie Low' wedges (new, ish!) which I absolutely adore.  Not only are they comfortable but they are stylish and a lower heel than I'm used to.  Seen with white skinnies & two shades of green.  (BTW, size down about half a size, I totally could have gone with the 9.5).
* Accessories: various bangles & Gucci shades.

It was simple: two bedrooms, a balcony, in-unit washer and dryer, hardwood, higher level floor, within the city and within my budget.  Those were the things I was looking for in a condo.  It wasn't too much to ask for, but for my budget, it was a little sparse looking.

I had been working with a realtor for about a year, on and off... most recently, on.  He sent me listing after listing (automated, to match my specific criteria) and nothing fit the bill.  We went to see place after place after place, one came close, but ultimately, nothing felt like 'the one'.  Although I was in no rush to buy (I love where I live, but ultimately I am renting and owning is ideal), it was getting a little frustrating after a place I thought was maybe the one, slipped through my fingers.  Turns out it was not the one and that happened as this was about to.

Then I found it.  The one.

A brand new build, located in the city and not even started yet.  The downfall?  Will be ready in November 2014.  The optimistic spin: more time to save even more money to put down (and have a smaller mortgage in return).

I walked into the sales office a few weeks ago on a Wednesday evening after getting a spray tan with no idea what was about to happen.  I thought maybe I would go in, get a price list, find out I couldn't afford it and walk out. 

Not the case.  At all.

I told the sales woman I needed a two bedroom, but that a one bedroom plus den might work.  We looked over the floor plans, prices and options.  I started to get excited.  The smallest one bedroom plus den was pretty nice.  And within my budget.  She told me the higher the floor, the more expensive.  Now, since I currently living in a high-rise on a high floor, I'm only interested in moving somewhere with a view.  The view I have now is pretty awesome, and it's so nice to be up high and as a safety factor, I like that I can leave my bedroom window open at night.  Then she told me only the 11th floor was available for this unit.  All other units were sold.  My heart dropped.  I probably couldn't afford the 11th floor.

She showed me the price list.

Then my jaw dropped and I tried to hide my excitement: I could afford the 11th floor.

I knew I couldn't sit on this, as it was such a great deal, it could be sold the next day if I didn't act immediately (there is only one of this unit, per floor, and all other floors were sold).  I gave all my information and we made an appointment for me to come back three days later to seal the deal with a deposit and signature (and to call them if I changed my mind).  I took my sales package, price list and floor plan and bustled out to my car in excitement.

The following evening I met with my mom to tell her what had happened, show her the sales package and share my thoughts.  By the end of our two hour coffee sesh, I convinced her I was serious and this was it.  She took the paperwork home to share the exciting news with my dad.  On Saturday, I asked my parents to come with me to the sales office where I would be putting down my deposit and signing the paperwork.  It was such a surreal moment and so very exciting!

So, enough chatter, here are the deets:
* One bedroom + den (aka walk-in closet / dressing room)
* Hardwood floors
* Granite counter-tops
* Stainless appliances
* Breakfast bar
* In-unit washer & dryer
* A balcony off my bedroom (sliding doors) and living room (regular door) with glass railings
* Indoor salt water pool
* Gym
* Underground parking (which you purchase on top of your price)

So now I just have to be patient and watch the next two years fly by (ha, right) before I can move in.  I'll keep you up to speed on the progress and all the fun details and ideas I have (I certainly have time for it).

Pssssst!  Those photos above?  That's me standing exactly where my condo will be built.  Exciting!

And here are a few from the sales office & signing my paperwork:
Outfit deets:
* F21 top (new-ish) which I've worn a couple times now and am afraid to wash it (eep).  It's that weird rayon material and I bought a beautiful hunter-green top in the same fabric in the winter, wore it once, washed it and it shrunk so bad I could never wear it again (and so it got consigned).  I didn't even put it in the dryer.  Such a disappointment.  So you can understand why I'm a little apprehensive about this one (but hell-o, I can't keeping wearing it without washing it).
* Sirens shorts (old) that I've had for about a year and this was my first time wearing them (ripped the tags off that morning, but, I do that.
* Aldo wedges (old).
* Accessories: unknown earrings (old), F21 & gifted bangles.

Outfit deets:
* Alexandre Bartlett top from Winners (old)
* Mexx bubble skirt (old) that's been worn with a navy and baby blue colour blocked top
* Accessories: J.Crew necklace & Joe Fresh bangle

Colour explosion!

When I wore this outfit I felt like I was wearing a lot of colour.  Looking at the photos now?  Not so much.

I think in person though. rocking three brights at once is not something that comes easy for most.  It certainly doesn't for me.  Wearing one bright is enough, two is slightly intimidating and three is something I never thought I'd go for... until now.

I've been pushing my 'fashion box' limits lately, and wearing lots of colour is part of that.  I used to be a big neutral person, but I'm trying to take advantage of the big colour-blocking (and neon) trend that is happening for this spring and summer.  It's actually gotten to the point where I'm now no longer even wanting to wear neutrals!  I am constantly going for the colours in my closet, versus the black and greys.  Success!

How do you feel about wearing a lot of colour ?

Later that day, some girlfriends and I went out for a movie and drinks, so I slipped on my neon pink shorts and kept the rest of the outfit the same.  Now how's that for adding even more colour!

Other ways I've multiple colours:
* Bright accessories: shades, pashmina & necklace
* Purple dress, orange necklace (a suggestion from a friend)
* Watermelon colours (I love this)
* The 'Easter threw up on me' outfit

 Max Studio top, Sirens shorts, unknown tights, Suzy necklace & ring & Bay ring

I hope you all had an excellent Christmas, I sure did!   My sister and I compromised and decided on a 9am start time for Christmas morning.  I got up, showered, and proceeded to put on my comfy clothes (why did I shower?  I packed an outfit to wear for unwrapping presents and ultimately decided I wanted to wear sweatpants and a hoodie.  Still works).  

I headed downstairs where my parents and sister were waiting to me.  We went into the living room to see what Santa brought us and he was good to me, that's for sure!  We then took a break, at cinnamon buns and croissants and drank coffee (which later turned into mimosas).  Then we got busy unwrapping our gifts and I have to say I have been spoiled and am very, very blessed (I'm going to do a post on the gifts I was fortunate to receive).

We lazed around that afternoon, reading our magazines, trying on new clothes, playing with new gadgets, etc.

After hours in sweatpants I changed into the above outfit (and did my hair) for Christmas dinner.  My grandparents came over and we stuffed ourselves.  More conversation and good times after dinner (which included more baked treats, thanks to my mom) late into the night.  I then proceeded to do some pre-Boxing Day online shopping late into the night and finished watching, 'What's Your Number' online (cute movie, the book is better, obviously).

I have to say it seems kind of funny posting an outfit without shoes, however, I wasn't leaving the house and we aren't wear-your-shoes-in-the-house kind of people (yuck.  I'm a bit of a germaphobe so the idea of wearing shoes in the house grosses me out.  Think of where you and your shoes have been... gym locker room, in your car, restaurants... public restrooms... 'nuff said), hence the no shoes.  If I was going out, I'd likely wear black pumps or ankle booties.

TFNC top/dress* (via Asos), Dynamite shorts, Aldo booties (last seen here), unknown tights, 
Auslini bangle & Suzy earrings

My family celebrated Thanksgiving this year on Saturday.  Partly because my sister is engaged and her fiance always does theirs on Sunday and partly because we had family come from out of town (yay!) to celebrate with us.

I wore the perfect outfit for eating and I got to rock my new faux leather shorts with tights for the first time, a massively flowy top that I ordered from Asos months ago (and it's been sitting in my closet) and booties.  The weather was warm (mid-twenties) and beautiful.  A true Indian Summer Thanksgiving.  And of course I ate a ton of food (yes, I went back for seconds, and yes I had not one but two pieces of pie) and enjoyed every bite.

* I bought this top/dress in a size large, hoping it would be flowy.  I got more than I bargained for as it's quite large.  I definitely should have ordered a medium but didn't want the hassle of making the exchange, etc.

When I saw Lena's post, I was immediately inspired.  While thrifting later that week, I actually came across these awesome (men's) Silver jeans.  I used to be a total sucker for Silver jeans when I was younger - they were my absolute favourite.  Now, they don't exactly do much for my body type, but I'll always have love.  The men's version, on the other hand, were exactly what I was looking for though: great wash, thick waistband, large back pockets and a fab distressed look ... in my size!  The woman at the cash confirmed they were men's jeans to ensure I still wanted them - ha, that's why I wanted them!

After washing and drying the jeans, I went at them with the scissors to create the perfect denim cut offs.

The length was still a little too long so...

...I cut 'em shorter

That's better

Next I cut slits on the sides

Then frayed them up with a knife and scissors along the raw edge
(once they are washed, they will fray more)


PS - I know I'm so behind on all your blogs, and I'm sorry I've been a little MIA
(the wedding is sucking me dry ... blah blah blah, I know, I know ...)
A.Co Designs circle vest, Sirens top, F21 shorts, Bamboo gladiators, Bay bangle & Hot Diamonds ring

The weather here is unreal right now.  With temperatures soaring into the 40's (Celcius) with the humidex, it's hard to be outside and not break a sweat ... standing still!  I met up with the the girls on the weekend for breakfast and chatter.  We dined al fresco (love it) and had a great time.  I certainly got some sun, and although I was adament on applying the sunscreen (I carry it in my bag), the top of my head and my upper legs got a little toasted.  New goal: start keeping a hat with me.

Psssst - I got these shorts on my shopping trip back in May.

{ I made this and sell them for $25 }

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