Friday, July 27, 2012

Neon + Navy

Outfit deets:
* Wild Rose top (gift from a friend for my birthday, via Winners) which is shorter on the sides so I have to wear a tank/tube top underneath, but with the wide v-neck, it's great for off the shoulder.
* Sirens shorts in neon pink which I'm obsessed with (seen here with a lot of colour).  I picked up an orange pair in Florida from TJ Maxx, then found these pink ones when I got back home, and most recently picked up a lemon-lime pair.  These neon shorts have officially become my go-to for dates with my girlfriends, nights out and afternoon family get togethers.
* American Eagle wedges (I wore these in the winter with tights and added fur like with this add fur DIY).
* Accessories: MK watch, Mexican bangle & Dollarama hoop earrings.

Oh Friday, thank God you're here.  This has been one of those week's where it's not planned to be busy, but then turns out to be busy.

On Monday morning to work, my car broke down, so I sat in the 8:30am heat for about an hour for the tow truck to come.  On the bright side, I got to enjoy some beautiful morning sunshine and weather. 

My car was towed to my parent's house as my Dad is a (retired) mechanic and can often help.  After two days of trying to diagnose the problem, ordering parts and trial and error, he found the problem and saved me over $500 (aren't Dad's wonderful!?).  In the mean time, my girl friend was driving me to and from work (so sweet) and another picked me up one night to hang out and dropped me off later.  Two nights ago I went and test drove a car I'm in love with and now have a lot to think about.

What's up this weekend?  I'm planning to do a lot of sleeping in (too many late nights this week and I'm spreading myself thin) and spending the rest of the time outside and with my girl friends.  I can't wait for the clock to strike 4pm today, that's when the party truly begins.

Have a great weekend!



Val said...

This has been my favorite summer combo. I have a pair of hot pink shorts and I wear a navy and white striped top with it.

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

love it! you look hot! (per usual)

Dads are the best, I love when I get help from mine!!

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