Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pre-Move In Condo Tour

If you follow me on YouTube, you have already seen this when it was uploaded a couple days ago.  That said, I couldn't not share it here, since I've been bringing you along for the entire process of moving.

I filmed this video back in February, prior to us moving in because I wanted to share the space empty before we moved and filled it up with all of our stuff.  This also makes for great before and after photos and videos.  I will eventually film an updated condo tour to show you how everything looks now, but without further adieu, here is a quick tour!

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, love the wall to wall windows!!

Anna said...

i could've written this post! this morning I sat looking at my awesome fashion inspo board on pinterest and still ended up leaving the house in all black :)


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