You ladies know, I'm a huge clothing and shoes lover, but I often get asked what I do with the stuff I'm not wearing anymore.  I've talked about consigning before, but something else I always do is donate my clothing to charitable organizations.  It's a small way to give back to the community, in hopes that it finds its way to help out other women.

My thoughts are this: if it's something you once loved, that someone else could put to good use and help them get ahead in life, I'm in.   Giving back doesn't always have to take a lot of effort, and one of my favourite quotes is, 'If we all do a little, no one has to do a lot'...

My closet-office room is the second bedroom in our condo and was built using the Ikea Stolmen system, which is completely customized to whatever you like.

We chose to go with three sections as it was important for me to have lots of hanging space for tops and a longer hanging area for dresses.  I needed shelves for folded pants and accessories, and then we put shelves across the top to house shoes.  

The initial plan was to install drawers but they were too deep so we returned them and picked up the cubbies instead.  I had the faux black leather boxes already (from Loblaws) which fit perfectly into the spaces.

Overall the build took a few days and turned out great. I use the built-in closet in the room for jackets, skirts and to tuck away sweat pants, leggings, swimsuits in various boxes, etc.  I recently added a mirror and artwork to the room too so it's really coming together and will share more updates soon.

My closet - office room is just about complete and I'd love to share some photos with you if you'd like to see.

Come on in...

More photos after the jump...

I'm cleaning out my closet and everything must go!

As I mentioned yesterday, I've created a place on my Facebook page for all the items I'm selling off from my closet.  I'm trying to par down, as it's overflowing and I tend to hold onto things longer than I need to.

The sale will run until the end of February and whatever is left is going my local consignment shop.

Click on over to check out the sale, I have added over 100 items, with more items added last night.  I still need to go through my skirts, shoes and accessories, so keep checking back.

Happy shopping & feel free to email me with any questions you might have.

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