Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Condo Tour | A.Co est. 1984

Today I'm finally sharing our condo tour--which I thought I had already shared on here when I uploaded it to my YouTube channel last Summer, but apparently not #badblogger.  

I wanted to share it here since (1) I had promised I would after sharing the pre-move in tour, (2) because I have a few posts coming up that will relate, and (3) who doesn't love being nosy (I do!).

Finally, a few things have changed since then, like the location of the dining room table, the cat's bed, and we've added a new living room chair into the mix, along with a new tv, a mirror in my closet, and I have 'finished' the bedroom (with art work, Euro pillows, etc.).

As always, thank you for watching! xo

Links for additional photos after the jump...
Living Room Before & After // Kitchen // Closet - Office Before & After // Building My Closet // Master Bedroom Before // Pre-Move In Tour // Moving Announcement

Furniture:  Couch // Office Desk // Bed // Bedding // Closet System


Roxi said...

I love how open and airy your apartment feels! One of the things I want when I have the chance to own property is to live in an apartment high above the city and hopefully near a body of water. It's so therapeutic looking out! Thanks for sharing :)

Roxi - www.persianfrenchie.blogspot.com

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

@Roxi: Thank you so much!! My Dad said that about the water, too, and it's true, it's pretty nice to see water IN the city (we lucked out w this place) :)

Halley Westbrook said...

Your condo looks beautiful and is very organized. I love its color combinations, and the ambiance is very peaceful. You have a really nice taste when it comes to designs. Thanks for giving us virtual tour, Amanda! :)

Halley Westbrook @ Ascent Condos

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