Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jessica Simpson blazer (last seen here). H&M dress, Sirens leggings, Aldo booties (last seen here), Pandora, Dynamite & F21 bracelets, Dollarama ring & Walmart multi-'A' necklace

I'm anxious.



Here's why:

I have a hair appointment on Thursday with my old colorist...the same girl that did Mike's hair for many, many years.  Years before she ever did my hair.  Basically, I ruined my hair with a box colour once, prompting it to turn goldfish orange, and she saved my life... er... hair.  And ever since then, we've been living in perfect-hair-colour harmony.  Until Mike and I split.  And then I figured, 'I can't go back there...it's his hair stylist...what will I say?!' (she came to our wedding!).  Even after Mike told me he doesn't go to her anymore, and I went somewhere else that was ridiculously over-priced and the girl turned my hair grey, I still didn't want to go.

However, I bit the bullet.

I called and made an appointment last week.

My appointment is this Thursday.

I'm very anxious.

The reason I'm going back to her though, is because she's amazing.  AH. MAY. ZING.  She gives me the perfect colour blonde, the price is great and I know what to expect (and she knows what I like).

I haven't coloured my hair since September and my roots are killing me.  With a potential seaside vaycay in my near future, I'm determined not to go down south with these roots because while I love the ombré look, I feel like I've missed that bandwagon and I hate jumping on after it's been a trend for over a year (with my luck, I'd likely 'jump on' only for it to be really dated in a month from now).  Plus, I simply love love love being blonde. 

Would a situation like this make you feel anxious?  Am I crazy?  Any tips? 


Anonymous said...

She might not even bring it up, which could be even more awkward. I might mention it after awhile if she still hasn't and say something to the extent of how it's been very difficult and you are looking forward to the future and just kind of leave it at that. Very neutral. It might not be awkward at all, but I'm sure I would feel the same way!!

Anonymous said...

If she is any kind of professional, she will behave exactly the same way with you that she did before you and Mike split up, and exactly the same way that she would be expected to behave with all of her clients. Having gone to her before, she knows what you want and should give you exactly that. You are paying her for that and there is no reason to think that she won't give you exactly what you ask for. Try not to worry; I'd have some apprehension too if this were me but she is supposed to be a professional and I would expect that she will act like one and do exactly what you ask for, and be discreet enough to not mention your breakup or comment on it unless you bring it up.

Anonymous said...

It is a predicament..... I would go, and mention it, because it might be awkward for her. However I would not mention any new boyfriend or anything. It seems like you and your ex and you will still remain good friends, so I would be sure to protect him. Also, if your ex is ok with you going to the mutual hairdresser, then why not? Does his family go there too?

Ana said...

awkward situation situation for sure. I would also be very anxious! But I'm also curious how it will be your new hair : )

Anonymous said...

How did it go???!!!

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