Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Last Bit of Fall

Outfit deets:
* Urban Behaviour jacket (old).
* A.Co Designs top which you have seen with white skinnies, a leopard skirt/circle vest combo & a circle scarf I made, worn as a skirt (a fave outfit post).  I made this top myself and love it, definitely in the top 10 from my closet.
* Seduction jeans (old) seen with a belted white top & in a another fave outfit post with over-the-knee boots.
* Accessories:  Ardene pashmina, F21 Bangle, A.Co Designs bracelet, Good Works leather wrap bracelet & Gucci sunnies.

I'll admit, I took these photos about a month ago and never got to posting them; hence the beautiful fall leaves and colours.  We certainly don't have any leaves left on trees anymore and while I was hoping to capture more of the fall colours in outfit posts, it seems by the time I would leave work, it was dark out and I'd missed the opportunity (these were taken on my lunch break one day). 

And so, here we are in December, with Christmas quickly approaching and as I look outside it's slowly started to snow, large fluffy flakes that are coming down sparse, but slowly speeding up.  Winter is here, despite the mild temperatures we've experienced the past few days.  Some people wish for snow, but not me.  I'm not a fan of the cold and while I love snow on Christmas, if it melted shortly thereafter and I'd be fine with it.

Speaking of the holidays, does anyone have any Christmas parties to go to?  I have my work Christmas luncheon this Friday and a party next Saturday night (which I'm so excited for because it has been years since I've been to a real, night-time Christmas party! Eep!).  What is everyone wearing?  Dress? Skirt/Top combo? Pants?



Sam said...

Sadly, I have hardly any Christmas parties this year! Or at least the kind where one might put on a spiffy outfit. I'm a big fan of wearing a party/cocktail dress at every opportunity so that would be my vote!

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

I'm beyond sure that you will wear something fabulous so don't you 'eep' me, Amanda! :)

I am one of the ones who wishes for snow. We usually get one big snowfall in the city a season (but sometimes not) and I love it. I love how beautiful and quiet everything is. And I'd rather have the cold and snow combo than rain.

Fall does leave us too quickly (pun intended), the trees are so grogeous! I love these photos.

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