Hi Everyone!  How stoked am I to be guest blogging for Amanda again! I am emily and I write emily loves.  I wanted to share with you some products that make one of my biggest 'loves' easier!  I paint my nails at least twice a week, it used to be more but now that I have a real grown up job I don't have the time to paint them every other night.  Having naturally weak nails I have always been on the look out for products that will strengthen my nails.  I had fake nails for a while but they were too much upkeep and not really my style.  Next to making my nails stronger I wanted something to help the polish last longer and something else to make the polish dry faster.  I'm not asking for too much, right?!   After years of searching I have finally found my top three nail products. . . . lucky you, I'm going to tell you all about them!

This is my newest favourite colour 'Passion Pink'.  Thanks to my fave three products I can rock this colour for days chip free!

Left to right: CND Stickey, Salon Sciences Instant Articificals and OPI RapiDry CND 'Stickey'

I spent a full day driving around to different Ulta stores trying to find this product and it was totally worth it as it is by far the best base coat I have ever tried.  The best part is it actually lives up to it's name!  This stuff keeps my polish on longer than any other long-wearing base coat.  Since it is clear (not green as it might seem) I just brush on a quick coat over clean nails.  It doesn't need any dry time at all so once I have finished painting my second hand the first hand is dry enough for the next layer.

Salon Sciences Instant Artificials
This was a random Sally Beauty purchase during the summer and I can't believe that I've kept it a secret this long.  I swear two coats of this product and my nails are as hard as gel nails. . . ok, maybe that is a slight exaggeration.  For real though, this somehow dries to a super durable and hard finish, yet removes easily with polish remover.  They recommend putting the coats right onto your bare nail, but I like to put it over the base coat.  As someone who used to have flimsy nails this product is a life saver!

OPI RapiDry
I have used many different quick dry polishes and also the OPI DripDry drops and until I started using RapiDry DripDry had my vote.  This spray is easy to apply (literally you just spray) and with 2-3 spritzes and 5 minutes your hands are good to go.  This is the only product that actually dries to the point where you can do things.  I always found that the other quick dry products would dry the polish to the touch, but not enough that you could actually do anything. 

Let me know what your favourite nail products are!

Thanks for letting me ramble Amanda!

x em
 Me on left in the front row in the jacket

Hey y’all, Ally here from In The Sky With Diamonds. I’m just starting out in blog land and I have to say I just love it!  I am so happy that Amanda is giving me the opportunity to share with you the story of how I came to own my favorite bright yellow H&M jacket. Normally for me these stories aren’t very interesting and usually consist of a lucky trip to the mall. This one is much more than that…

Rewind back to April of 2008, I was on a school fashion field trip to the most amazing place in the world… New York City! Of course I was so wrapped up in picking out all my outfits and accessories for the trip that (in true blonde moment fashion) I totally neglected to bring a jacket. Ugh, just my luck. The day we got there we were allowed to roam free on 5th Avenue for 1 hour (hello dream come true!) and I made it a mission to find a coat (preferably fabulous and inexpensive). I bee-lined it to H&M and started combing through the racks of spring items to try to find something with sleeves… and there it was… a lone bright yellow coat… in my size. Ahh, it was like the heavens opened up and shined a big spotlight down on me in the middle of the packed store. Needless to say I bought it, loved it, and wore it the entire time.

But wait, that’s not the best part! While walking around with our tour guide, she ran into a friend who produced, ‘The Early Show’ and he invited our group to come to the show in the morning. We were all pumped and figured why not?! So, we somehow got to the studio the next morning by 7am and lined up around the gate outside and before we knew it the place was packed! The show was going along great and then the male host turns to the audience (us) and decides to ask a question.

He started walking over to our side… and he keeps walking… getting closer… even closer… and he stops… right in front of me. Now let me just say for the record I am very shy in unfamiliar situations so I was mortified and thought I was literally going to have a heart attack. He turns to me and asks, “What makes you smile?”… silence… I can barely remember what I said. I know I mentioned NYC and plugged the fact that I was there for a school trip but that’s all I can piece together. From the feedback I got from friends watching on TV, I managed to sound pretty good during my national television debut! Our group got invited into the studio after the show and I was told my yellow jacket was the reason he chose to come talk to me… what luck! 

Outside the studio on that fateful morning

Now 2 years later I still have the infamous bright yellow jacket and love to wear it, but what I love the most is the fun memories attached to it and the fact that when I think about it I can’t help but (you guessed it)… smile.

Inside the studios

Do y’all have some fun stories behind your favorite items? I’d love to hear them! Feel free to stop by my blog and say hello and share your stories! 

Thanks again to Amanda for the fabulous opportunity to be a guest blogger!


Hello all.   I am Angie from The Hotness Your Momma Warned You About, and I am here lending Amanda a hand while her life is on the crazybusy train right now.  I'm a 30 eve lady living and loving in beautiful San Francisco and one issue that I always have is taking my day look right into the evening.  

Being a city girl, I walk five miles a day, to and from work, so, I typically lace up my Reebok Easy Tones (not kidding, those things are effective) and bag lady it to work every day (I honestly get the strangest looks while walk commuting to and from my office because I look like that quintessential older working gal wearing her professional gear + sneakers, and I am lugging around 12 pounds of junk).  I work in an industry that constantly has something going on in the evenings or I am meeting up with The Mister or friends right after putting in that 9 to 5.  I am always having to think ahead on what I can wear so that A: My feet don't kill me come 8pm and B: How can I still look chic and keep warm once the fog in the city starts to roll in.

Today I have styled my favorite sundress in two different ways for you all.

Dress: Anthropologie.  Shirt: Gap. Belt: Express.  Shoes: Jessica Simpson

You can call me "Mortified Mildred" in this picture, because there are about 3 men outside of this frame making comments and a garbage truck drove by and honked.  Ahhhh, the joys of being a blogger.  Also, can anyone tell me if this tactic of cat calling has ever worked for any man? Doubtful.

Dress: Anthropologie.  Belt: BCBG.  Jacket:  Local Boutique Called Ambiance.  Watch: Michael Kors, Men's Chronograph, stacked with a bunch of cheap-o bangles. Bag: Coach

So, there you have it friends.  How do you style from day to night?  I'd love to know.   Also, don't judge me on needing a tan...believe it or not, it's cool all year long here in SF so, ones skin can become damn near translucent.  

Amanda, thank you so much for letting me entertain your readers.  Hopefully, I kept the nutbag to a minimum...but if you like reading nutty rants and musings, stop by and say hi to me on my blog.

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams.


purple for fall

Hi everyone, I'm Angie from Confessions of a Miami Shopaholic.  I am extremely honored to guess blog for Amanda while she's off enjoying her honeymoon!! Congrats to you and M on your recent nuptials!

As most of you are aware the Fall season is quickly approaching, where has the summer gone?! In an effort to get ready for the fall trends you all must know what color will be the it color this season and a statement setter. This up coming Fall season violets, purples, and all shades of plum are all over the run way! These hues have always been an "it" colour during the Fall season, but this year you will see more of it everywhere! 

{ Dark purple booties are a must have for fall }

{ This round tow pump is a trend setter in the right shade of purple suede }

{ This wrap around stiletto screams sexy - I just added it to my fall wardrobe }

What do you think of this hue as one of the "it" colors for this Fall season? Will you add violet and plum to your fall attire? I know I will!
Hi, I'm Kiley from A Sequined Dress at Breakfast and I'm excited to guest blog for Amanda while she's on her honeymoon.  My blog is my lovely little distraction where I gush about fabulous things that make me happy. I love sequins, sprinkles, and all things that sparkle!

Doesn't it just make your day when you find a crumpled up $5 bill shoved into a pair of jeans you haven't worn in awhile? I almost treat those random bucks like a little bonus, and like I should spend it on something fun just for myself since I hadn't even been missing it. Typically, these little fun 'treats' end up being just that: a Venti soy chai, a drugstore lipgloss, or maybe some sparkly earrings from Forever 21. Today while taking my daily browse through Vogue.com, I almost dropped my Venti on the floor when I realized the exact same amount I'd just spent on that steamy beverage could have instead bought me this mod little H&M dress! 

Yes, you read the correct... the dress is the same price as the drink-no typo here...$4.95, to be exact! And that is the regular price it is being sold at - this is no clearance-last-season frock! Check out the article here from Vogue for the proof. So before you run to the nearest H&M, why not dig through your couch...you probably have enough change stuffed in there to buy this darling dress!

Hi! I'm Elle Sees and I'm happy to be guest blogging for A.Co while she's honeymooning! I'm an Atlanta blogger who loves all things fashion, beauty, food, and travel. Today, I'm sharing my DIY: Handy Hints.

I like handy hints - things that make your life easier and involve new uses for ordinary things. I've heard/read these over the years and they really work.  I'm sharing a few below, but there's plenty more where these came from! You can also follow me on Twitter and my blog where I'm having a Back to School Week. Enjoy!
  • Coffee filters:  You can cover food in microwave, clean windows/mirrors, and stop drops for Popsicles with these.
  • Make a reusable gel pack for your cooler by filling a Ziploc bag with 3/4 dish detergent and sealing it shut. Pop in the freezer and use anytime. Great as an eye pack, too!
  • Use an aluminum ball in place of dryer sheet (2-3 inches thick).
  • Dry your nails in cold water to speed up time.
  • Vaseline can work wonders for dry skin. I've put it on my feet at night with socks.
  • Crush 2 aspirins and make a paste with a little water for zits. Leave in 15 min. and then wash off.
  • Speaking of zits, I use Visine on them.
  • Use a Post-it note to clean in between a keyboard.
  • Clear nail polish on bottom of a can in shower can prevent rust.
  • Use your flat iron to iron between buttons (this reminds me of LC on The Hills!).
  • Try a contact case for pills (not child-proof) when traveling.
  • Dryer sheets are a lifesaver when trying to get the nasty smoke smell from your hair.
  • Conditioner can be used in a pinch instead of shaving lotion.
  • Deodorant stain? Use pantyhose, Spanx or baby wipes to remove.
  • Grease stain? Rub chalk on it (It works sooo well, but who has chalk?) or use artificial sweetner on the spot. I've used this tip especially when dining out and traveling.
Hope you enjoyed the hints! What are your fave handy hints?
Hi everyone! I'm Emily from emily loves and I'm so excited to be writing for Amanda today! I love her blog and was super pumped to be able to write a blog post while she's on wedding vacation. Congratulations to you two! I can't wait to see the pictures!

For the last six months I have spent a lot of time looking at decorating magazines and blogs to get ideas for what I want my first place to look like. I haven't come to a real conclusion but one thing I am fairly certain about is that I want my bedroom to be a white based modern-shabby-chic. (Is that even the real term for it? I don't know) I'm not really into all the flowery-ness of most shabby chic rooms but I have found lots of white ones with only slight flower accents that I love. 

I decided my first bit of room decorating would be a jewellery stand, clearly the bling takes priority! My original inspiration came from tiered dessert stands, but I wanted one made of old china instead of just generic plates.
Since I couldn't find one pre-made I searched until I found matching dishes that were in good shape and for a reasonable price to make my own, it took about 6 trips to 3 different thrift stores to find them, but eventually I found a set I liked. I also picked up mini port glasses to use as the risers between the plates.

I tried using crazy glue because I didn't want to see glue lines but it didn't set very well so I pulled out the trusty glue gun instead and after a mere 5 minutes of work I had my new jewelery stand!

How do you store your jewellery?
Aloha Everyone! I’m Sharon from elisharon. I super happy to be guest blogging here while Amanda is away enjoying becoming a Mrs. Congrats girl! We’re all anticipating pictures from your special day and honeymoon adventure.

When I think of weddings one of the first thing that pops into my mind are the rings (and of course the man - I love my Pirate!). My favorite piece of jewelry would definitely have to be my wedding band and engagement ring. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I’d have to disagree. I married my best friend and I’m really not a lunatic when it comes to diamonds. However, when I laid eyes on my ring, I knew the man I was marrying was a keeper. He totally gets me. The ring is delicate, not pretentious, and very “me”. I also love the wedding band we picked out. When picking out my wedding band, I wanted to make sure that I got one that complimented my engagement ring, not “matched” it. We chose a band encrusted with pave diamonds and set in rose gold. Pink is my favorite color. I think the rings totally symbolize me and my Pirate… we definitely complement one another.

And since we’re on the topic of rings, I’d love to share the rest of my ring collection with you. It’s pretty excessive. And I didn’t really realize how much I had until I snapped these photos. A ton of them are from F21, mixed in with vintage, and some fine jewelry pieces.

{L – R: F21, F21, F21, F21, Wetseal, F21}

{L – R: from Mom, Clio Blue, F21 connector rings}

{L – R: Sanrio, Tarina Tarantino, Tarina Tarantino, Sanrio, F21, local boutique,
vintage Hello Kitty, apple Hello Kitty from drugstore, Wetseal bow connector}

Hope you all enjoyed seeing my collection. I’ve been eyeing the YSL Arty rings for a while now and hopefully I’ll be a proud owner one day!

Hello everyone, I'm Christie from In Fashion & Style and am excited to be guest blogging for A.Co while she's sipping margarita's on the beach in the Mayan Riviera on her honeymoon.

This season is all about 40’s glamour with a twist of rock. Most of the clothing that came off the runways is feminine, elegant and in deep colours that reminisce of the “old world”. One of my favourite things about the trends this year is that it has reminded us to be more playful and expressive in our attire with head pieces! You’ll see hats, headbands, pins, and other accessories in all different flavours to give our outfits a chic, and polished look.
I’m so excited about this trend, because one of my favourite movies is the classic, “My Fair Lady” with Audrey Hepburn. In my mind – there has never been a movie with more glamour. All of the designs in the movie were so elegant. The hats that are in the movie are so feminine; so chic; and so detailed. I swoon just thinking of all of the options they created.

That’s why I wanted to turn everyone’s attention to an amazing designer named, Blair Nadeau, creator of “Feathered” designs. She makes the most stunning head pieces with feathers. They have the most European vintage flair that just wearing her designs instantly makes one look chic and fabulous.

Just looking at her website makes me instantly want to dash to the nearest street side cafe for a glass of champagne.

Not feeling bold enough for a beautiful cocktail hat? Blair also creates hair designs and creative pins for all of your different moods and occasions! She has such a wonderful variety of things to choose from!

On top of her already genius line, each piece you wear has been hand crafted by Blair herself. To top it all off – she also offers consultations for her clients to have a custom piece created just for them! She offers a variety of embellishments for each of her designs in, “rhinestones, sinamay ribbons, fresh water pearls, salt water pearls, sequins, covered buttons etc, as well as available on hair pins, clips, combs or headbands.”

Le *sigh*. Stunning.

Check out her website for more details.

Hello everyone, this is A & P from 365 Fashion Rehab and we are super pumped to be guest blogging here for Amanda while she's on her honeymoon!  Congratulations!

Are you trying to be a more conscious shopper? How do you know when the time is right to part with your hard-earned dollars and make a purchase? For some people, it happens in an instant. They see something they like and they dive in head-first. The brave will see something they love, soak it in, and then head home for the night to reflect about the desired item. If they wake up in the morning and are still loving it, out they go, hoping it will still be there. For the insanely brave, that would be us here at 365 Fashion Rehab, we gave it all up for one whole year. When we saw something we liked, we had to wait 365 days to see if we still wanted it. (Now that’s thinking time!)

When it comes to spending, one of the things we learned from our year of “going without” is that timeless purchases really are best, especially when the price is high. Classic styles - wrap dresses, shifts, cardigans, skinny black pants - will last through many seasons. Fortunately this season, classics are back with a bang. We are currently lusting after Camel coats, ladylike, structured handbags, and chunky knits. But don’t forget to save room in your budget (about 20%) for trend driven pieces, too. Faux-fur vests, floral printed pants, fringe handbags, and anything leopard are all so hot right now.

We could go on for days about it, but the basic rule of thumb is that if you can’t afford it, do not buy it. If you have something similar in your closet, do not buy it. If you are on the fence about the trend, then chances are most people are too, and it won’t last long. Don’t waste your money!

Take it from us, we know. How do you think we ended up in Fashion Rehab in the first place?
Hi everyone!  My name is Isabel and I write the blog Walk Of Fashion.  I am very excited that Amanda has agreed to have me as guest blogger while she is busy preparing for her wedding and enjoying her honeymoon.  I hope you have a wonderful vacation, Amanda! 

One of my favourite trends right now is leopard print.  Normally I am a bit against animal prints because if not worn carefully you end up looking like you belong in the zoo (IMO).  However, I have recently changed my tune and I am now loving animal prints, leopard to be specific, in small doses.  When worn right leopard print is such a chic way add some fun to a look.  Here are a few of my favourite items for adding a little leopard print to looks.

Leopard Print scarf, JC Penney $9.99

Leopard Ballet Flat, American Eagle $24.95
(Heels would also be super chic especially worn with dark denim)

Calf-Hair Skinny belt, Garnet Hill $48

And just to prove my point here is a photo of Katherine Power of Who What Wear photographed by Justin Coit.  I saw this photo on twitter and couldn't help but think, "How chic is she!?"

What do you think?
Hello A.Co est. 1984 readers!  I'm Lydia from Chic on the Cheap, and I'm always trying to live stylishly and affordably.  I'm so pleased to be guest blogging here, as I love this blog, and A.Co has been such a great blogging buddy.  I hope she is off having an amazing wedding celebration!  In the meantime, I have a guest post for you on transitioning a summer wardrobe into fall weather.

In a few short weeks a shift in temperature will force me into one of my least favorite rituals, packing away my light cotton dresses, sandals, and shorts, and pulling out the heavy knits, corduroy pants and thick tights.

Fall may be one of the biggest seasons for fashion, and while I can certainly appreciate that aspect, I am always lamenting the loss of summer. I love my summer clothes and in a small, but determined way to keep summer in my mind, here are a few items I will not be putting to rest for the next six months, but rather carrying all through fall and winter.

{ My bright florals can easily go from beachy to blustery with a few small changes } 

{ These tweed shorts are already a bit heavy and are perfect over tights,
the addition of a blazer just makes them all the more sharp }

{ Never underestimate the power of layering, this impossibly light and breezy chiffon
top with a camisole underneath and a cardigan on top is now perfectly fall appropriate }

{ Cotton jersey dresses can be bulked up enough for the fall, and can provide
a healthy dose of color, even when the landscape starts to lack it }

{ This satin top has all the right colors, when paired with the bright green, they feel light
and summery, however with the blacks and greys it seems like it was meant for the fall }

Finding ways to keep some of your pieces in rotation all year round is a great way too keep a more manageable closet size, as well as budget - even thought it might be super tempting to buy every new fall style in sight!

I hope you've enjoyed my post, and are now thinking about which of your summer pieces you are going to carry through fall!

As most of you know, I'm getting married this month (August 20th) and if you didn't know, 1) you know now, and 2) if you scroll down a bit you'll realize I haven't shut up about it. 

That said, I'm looking for guest bloggers to help me out while the wedding activities and honeymoon take place.  I anticipate being very busy and short on time and would love it if you'd like to be a guest blogger at some point during that time (one post).  It would ideally be a post about fashion, DIY or something you as a reader would be interested seeing on A.Co est. 1984.

If you're interested, leave a comment with your email address or email me at ACoest1984@gmail.com and we'll work something out.

Looking forward to working with you!
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