I packed up a ton of my jewelery away in a box my sister gave me for my birthday about six months ago.  I finally opened it up as I was getting tired of wearing the same ol' shiz.  

It was like Christmas came early as I rediscovered a bunch of accessories I almost forgot I had.  It's like a refreshing breath of fresh air into my accessories wardrobe and almost felt as if I was going through someone else's stuff.  

So a word to the wise, hide random things you love from yourself so when you come upon then months later, you don't have to go shopping, but still get that rush.  Think of the money you'll save.  Ha.

Hello everyone, I'm Christie from In Fashion & Style and am excited to be guest blogging for A.Co while she's sipping margarita's on the beach in the Mayan Riviera on her honeymoon.

This season is all about 40’s glamour with a twist of rock. Most of the clothing that came off the runways is feminine, elegant and in deep colours that reminisce of the “old world”. One of my favourite things about the trends this year is that it has reminded us to be more playful and expressive in our attire with head pieces! You’ll see hats, headbands, pins, and other accessories in all different flavours to give our outfits a chic, and polished look.
I’m so excited about this trend, because one of my favourite movies is the classic, “My Fair Lady” with Audrey Hepburn. In my mind – there has never been a movie with more glamour. All of the designs in the movie were so elegant. The hats that are in the movie are so feminine; so chic; and so detailed. I swoon just thinking of all of the options they created.

That’s why I wanted to turn everyone’s attention to an amazing designer named, Blair Nadeau, creator of “Feathered” designs. She makes the most stunning head pieces with feathers. They have the most European vintage flair that just wearing her designs instantly makes one look chic and fabulous.

Just looking at her website makes me instantly want to dash to the nearest street side cafe for a glass of champagne.

Not feeling bold enough for a beautiful cocktail hat? Blair also creates hair designs and creative pins for all of your different moods and occasions! She has such a wonderful variety of things to choose from!

On top of her already genius line, each piece you wear has been hand crafted by Blair herself. To top it all off – she also offers consultations for her clients to have a custom piece created just for them! She offers a variety of embellishments for each of her designs in, “rhinestones, sinamay ribbons, fresh water pearls, salt water pearls, sequins, covered buttons etc, as well as available on hair pins, clips, combs or headbands.”

Le *sigh*. Stunning.

Check out her website for more details.

When Lena from Quality Rivets contacted me to inform me I'd won the (awesome) give-away on her blog, I jumped for joy!  I'm so pumped and couldn't believe I won!  Well, the package has arrived and the Samantha Vega clutch she sent me is awesome and it will certainly get lots of use.  Thanks so much, Lena!

* On Monday I was sick and stuck in bed all day. 
Thank you for all your amazing comments and I
will catch up on your blogs asap!

I keep my accessories all over the house.  Jewellery and perfume in my bathroom, pashminas, tights and bathing suits in hatboxes, belts hanging on a belt hanger, nail polish tucked away inside my medicine cabinet... you get the idea.  I love seeing how other women organize their accesories so I thought why not give you all a sneak peek inside my own accessory drawers/closet/hat boxes, etc.

Something you might notice is how often I use hat boxes.  My sister started a birthday tradition between the two of us more than five years ago where we give our gift to the other, in a hat box.  I'd never heard of a hat box before this, and was absolutely in love with the idea.  Our mother has a slightly different opinion ('Another hat box?!'), but it's tradition, and tradition lives on.  The great thing about it is they are awesome for storing things in, and they are also so pretty to look at.  This year, my sister made my hat box for me, you will see it below with all the bikini's overflowing from it.

Below I will try to describe (clockwise) what you see in the pictures. 

{ a hat box, two horse-hair boxes, a non-traditional hat box, and a wicker basket }

{ the overflow of belts tucked away in the non-traditional hat box }

{ hats in a hat box - how fitting }

{ my collection of silk scarves }

{ inside the horse-hair boxes: leg-warmers & over-the-knee socks and tights }

{ the rest of the belts that hang on a belt-hanger in the closet }

{ tights in another non-traditional hat box }

{ I have a small love for pashminas }

{ pashminas & tights }

{ more hat boxes up on a shelf, filled with bikinis }

{ earrings, watches, rings & wood-like bracelet drawer }

{ bracelet drawer - plastic, silver, beaded, metal, cuffs, chain, gold }

{ what you didn't see: leather cuffs stuffed in the back }

{ the 'in-rotation' necklaces get hung inside my bathroom cupboard }

{ my favourite nail polish, OPI }

{ sweet scents }
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