Sunday, September 5, 2010

Perfect Purple

purple for fall

Hi everyone, I'm Angie from Confessions of a Miami Shopaholic.  I am extremely honored to guess blog for Amanda while she's off enjoying her honeymoon!! Congrats to you and M on your recent nuptials!

As most of you are aware the Fall season is quickly approaching, where has the summer gone?! In an effort to get ready for the fall trends you all must know what color will be the it color this season and a statement setter. This up coming Fall season violets, purples, and all shades of plum are all over the run way! These hues have always been an "it" colour during the Fall season, but this year you will see more of it everywhere! 

{ Dark purple booties are a must have for fall }

{ This round tow pump is a trend setter in the right shade of purple suede }

{ This wrap around stiletto screams sexy - I just added it to my fall wardrobe }

What do you think of this hue as one of the "it" colors for this Fall season? Will you add violet and plum to your fall attire? I know I will!


Katie said...

Love those purple pumps - amazing.

emily☆ said...

I've been trying to move from black for years and purple has been my go-to colour, I'm glad it's so in this fall! And agreed Katie - those shoes are gorge!

julianne. said...

llllllove these heeellsss.<333

Angeline said...

Come on over to my blog and get more trend setting info ;) It was an honor guest blogging for A!

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