Wednesday, August 3, 2016

7 Tips for Wearing Your Gym Clothes Outside the Gym

If you ladies are anything like me, once the weekend hits--or evenings, for that matter--off come the day clothes and on come the leggings.  I love being comfortable at home and on the weekends, and while I typically live in heels during the week, there is something about flats and sneakers that have become oh-so-appealing.  

It might be a sign I'm getting older, and although I won't be giving up my heels anytime soon, you can still look stylish and put together in said 'comfy' clothes....

Photography by Lisa Provençal.

7 Tips for Wearing Your Gym Clothes in Real Life

1.  Make sure it flatters  |  Finding clothes that flatter is the number one reason, always, no matter what kind of pieces they are.  We all have our 'problem' areas but we also each have something great to show.  Let that part shine--it will boost your confidence and you'll feel great.

2.  Comfort is key  |  If you're trying to suck it in, or clutching at the fabric to adjust it, keep searching for something that feels great the minute you put it on.

3.  Forget the number on the tag  |  As a tall girl, I'm constantly surrounded by my more petite friends who wear size small tops and much smaller waisted jeans--and there is nothing wrong with that either.  However, this will never be me, and realistically, the number on the tag does not represent your worth.  Choose the size that fits, and cut the tag out if it bothers you.

4.  Find cool sneakers  |  As for styling, this one is huge because it's really going to make or break the outfit.  Gym trainers have come along way, and some can be really cute, but to make your gym look more street style, I love going with a fresh white tennis shoe or an edgy high top.  

5.  Know your colours  |  I'm a neutrals girl, but I love injecting a bit of colour into my athleisure wear because... why not?!  Since I'm naturally fair skinned and have cool undertones, I know that jewel tones look better on me than pastels do.  Pick colours that you look best in, and if you aren't sure, use this easy trick.

6.  Do your hair & make-up  |  In order to elevate this style, making it ready for the streets, pair it with your normal hair and make-up routine.  If you're not a make-up girl, I'm not saying you need to become one, simply do what makes you feel best.

7.  It doesn't have to be expensive  |  I have tons of workout gear from Forever 21 that I truly love and wear often.  I recently starting buying more from Lululemon because I love the quality, how it sucks me in, and makes me feel.  Don't feel you need to pay big money to look great though, it's all about putting your own personal twist on your look.  If you feel good in what you're wearing, that confidence will shine through.





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