Monday, May 31, 2010

Printing Myself

Thrifted jacket (last seen here), DIY top, A.Co Designs Shredded Scarf,
Seduction jeans, Bamboo gladiators (not shown, but last seen here),
Suzy necklace, Louis Ardene watch, gifted bracelet, Aldo & Hot Diamonds rings

I found the fabric for this top on a recent jaunt to the fabric store.  I'd seen the material several times in my previous trips there, but didn't buy any (although I was very drawn to it).  I finally realized what to make with it: a tee!  It turned out great; it's a stretchy jersey material, boat-necked in an a-line cut.  Great for casual days, with jeans or leggings, a throw-on-and-go type of thing.  Perfect.

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Leslie from Lemon Sweet Life gifted me with the bloglovin' award! YIPEE!! Thanks so much, Leslie, I've never received this one before, which is uber exciting.

I'm going to pass this onto:

Melinda @ Shop T.O. Live
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Garage Salin' Haul

{ endless records }

As I mentioned, I headed to one of the largest garage sales this past weekend.  It was a great morning (yes, morning, as we arrived there just before 8am and left just after 11am - and didn't even see half of it) and I walked away with some really great items. 

{ looks like these guys scored an amoire }

{ lots of people -and dogs- everywhere }

{ amazing jewellery }

{ my maxi dress was dragging so I tied it in a knot }

{ street music }

{ my sis scoping out some records }

{ custom street signs for sale }

{ more jewellery }

{ very successful - that silver bag is packed }

What I got:

{ small mirror with a big frame - I plan on spray-painting this silver }

{ these are clip-on earrings I plan on making into brooches }

{ black fur muff }

{ suede belt }

{ new hand-made headband -and hats- from this one lady, unfrotunately, she doesn't have a website }

{ silver picture frame }

{ long pearls}

{ nautical brooch}

{ True Religion jeans ... for $5!!! - obviously my fave item }

Saturday, May 29, 2010


{ the award Helen designed }

I was so pumped when I discovered that Helen at In Elegance awarded me with her special blog award.  Thanks, lovely!

This award is a little different as each recipient designs their own award to pass on, that way each award is unique and different.

Here is my award:

I want to pass this along to some seriously loyal readers:

Julianne @ Lace and Leather
Sharon @ elisharon
Louise @ Fifth Sparrow
Tiffany @ I am Style-ish

Friday, May 28, 2010

Garage Salin'

Every year, at the end of May, a large (wealthier) area of town puts on a neighbourhood-wide 'garage sale'.  And I'm not talking just a few houses here and there, no, we are talking full on selling, every corner, every parking lot, every drive-way within a 10x10 block radius. 

This year marks the 25th anniversary, so I'm excited to see what's in store.  Speaking of stores, even they participate in the sale, bringing their baked goods outside and offering up freshly brewed coffee.  Last year I went for the first time and it was mayhem-but totally worth it.  I walked away with a few CD's, a couple clutches, some napkin rings and more... for less than $20.  Awesome.

On Saturday, I am meeting my sister at (cringe) 6:45am to get a head start on the day.  Since the garage sale starts at 8am, and parking is horrendous, she's ensuring we are there with plenty of time to spare.  You know what they say, one person's trash is another person's treasure! 

Seeing Spots

F21 top (purchased on the weekend), H&M skirt, Sirens sash,
Lilliana pumps (also seen on Justine), Suzy necklace (also seen here) & ring,
Tiffany bracelet (also seen here), fiancĂ©'s watch & Old Navy Bangle

Sometimes, in the office, we get a theme going for our clothing.  One week we had a specific colour to wear each day, one day was stripes, today was polka dots.  It's really neat when people participate.  Being the festive girl I am, I couldn't pass up the perfect opportunity to rock my new tiered polka dot top (and of course I doubled up with this sash I've had forever).  Unfortunately, the participation rate wasn't that high this time around or I would have gotten a picture of everyone to show you all.

In other news, Thursday evening I went to see Sex & The City 2!  I met up with my good friend (CG) and we hit up the 7:30pm show.  It was busy, but not too packed and we had perfect seats.  The movie was great, the fashion was good and the accessories were inspiring.  A must see for all die-hards (but obviously, you're going anyways!) - enjoy the show!





Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cropping Out

Garage jacket, Joe top, Mexx skirt, Fioni shoes, Bijoux Terner pashmina,
Suzy belt & ivory bangle, H&M gold bangle, Aldo necklace & ring

I bought this top with uncertainty several months ago.  You see, it's a cropped top, and although you can't exactly tell that in these photos (since it's tucked), believe me when I say it is.  Since baring my midriff is not something that appeals to me, but I figured, over a longer, fitted tank, this a-line style would be great.  Today I took it out and tried the tuck, and liked it.  Are you jumping in on the crop-top trend?

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