After weeks of silent anticipation, I finally received my J.Crew Bubble Necklace in the mail!  Dance of joy and hoots 'n hollers arise!

I have been coveting this necklace from afar for many months only to be completely thwacked across the head when I looked up the price: one-hundred and seventy-four dollars

'That can't be right,' I thought to myself.

And then, 'But so many bloggers have this necklace...'

' can they afford this necklace? ....and in multiple colours?!'

Well my friends, enter eBay.  A great tip shared to me by Mara and I was on my way to not one, but two J.Crew Bubble Necklaces.  I used seller Bisource who are based out of China.  The shipping took forever (about five weeks to Canada) but the customer service was great, speedy and they provided a tracking number, which was nice.  The only problem was trying to decide which colours to get!  I  might have to purchase one or two more (pink/peach and white perhaps?  Or maybe black...) in the future.

Happy shopping!

I'm totally in love with this rose-gold & diamond pendant necklace (as spotted on Veronika). It comes in white and yellow gold, as well, and every letter of the alphabet.  

Wouldn't it be so beautiful with a simple white tee and jeans, or dressed up with a sheath dress?

Back at the end of November I entered Natalie's give-away to win three beautiful gold necklaces from Emily Elizabeth Jewelry.  I was so ecstatic to open her blog a couple weeks later to discover I won! IMy package finally arrived yesterday and I tore it open to find the three beautiful necklaces you see above, inscribed with, 'Faith, Hope, Love'. The necklaces can be worn separately or together cohesively.  I will certainly be getting a ton of wear out of them so thank you so much Emily Elizabeth Jewelry and Natalie's Sentiments!

A.Co Designs Shredded Circle Scarf (last seen here), circle vest & key necklace, H&M top & skirt & UrbanOg belt

On Wednesday I had a jewellery show.  As some of you know, I have a side business, A.Co Designs, in which I design and sell jewellery.  I mainly sell online, in person and at home-parties.  This was the first time selling in a business / public setting.  Unfortunately, it wasn't as successful as I expected, but still worth it.  I gave out a ton of business cards and sold a several pieces.  I even got special visits from my Poppa, Dad and sister.  Aww.

The jewellery below is all hand-made by me, I'll include prices underneath and if you are interested, you can email me.  I also accept custom orders if you have something specific in mind.

 Bangles with charms or special stones, $8

  { the set up }

Long pendant necklaces, $18

Feather headbands, $5 / Feather hair-clips, $3

Earrings, $5

{ I took advantage of having my Dad drop by to visit and got him to snap my pic }


Today is a very exciting day as I'm having another jewellery show, but instead of going to someone's house, I'm selling at a large public facility / workplace.  For the months of October and November, they have a different vendor everyday, and thanks to my friend NP, I am the vendor for today!  I've been working very hard on my A.Co Designs collection to really beef it up.  This time, I've put a lot of focus on bangles and long necklaces with various charms and pendants (like the one above).  Hopefully all will go well and in my down time, I'm sure I'll be tweeting all about it.

As some of you know, I design and sell jewellery (online here) and more recently some accessories.  I have been asked to do a (home) jewellery show this weekend and have been very busy preparing and creating a collection.  Here are some sneak peeks of what I will be selling.

{ circle vests, scarfs and shredded scarves }


Hi everyone! I'm Emily from emily loves and I'm so excited to be writing for Amanda today! I love her blog and was super pumped to be able to write a blog post while she's on wedding vacation. Congratulations to you two! I can't wait to see the pictures!

For the last six months I have spent a lot of time looking at decorating magazines and blogs to get ideas for what I want my first place to look like. I haven't come to a real conclusion but one thing I am fairly certain about is that I want my bedroom to be a white based modern-shabby-chic. (Is that even the real term for it? I don't know) I'm not really into all the flowery-ness of most shabby chic rooms but I have found lots of white ones with only slight flower accents that I love. 

I decided my first bit of room decorating would be a jewellery stand, clearly the bling takes priority! My original inspiration came from tiered dessert stands, but I wanted one made of old china instead of just generic plates.
Since I couldn't find one pre-made I searched until I found matching dishes that were in good shape and for a reasonable price to make my own, it took about 6 trips to 3 different thrift stores to find them, but eventually I found a set I liked. I also picked up mini port glasses to use as the risers between the plates.

I tried using crazy glue because I didn't want to see glue lines but it didn't set very well so I pulled out the trusty glue gun instead and after a mere 5 minutes of work I had my new jewelery stand!

How do you store your jewellery?
Aloha Everyone! I’m Sharon from elisharon. I super happy to be guest blogging here while Amanda is away enjoying becoming a Mrs. Congrats girl! We’re all anticipating pictures from your special day and honeymoon adventure.

When I think of weddings one of the first thing that pops into my mind are the rings (and of course the man - I love my Pirate!). My favorite piece of jewelry would definitely have to be my wedding band and engagement ring. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I’d have to disagree. I married my best friend and I’m really not a lunatic when it comes to diamonds. However, when I laid eyes on my ring, I knew the man I was marrying was a keeper. He totally gets me. The ring is delicate, not pretentious, and very “me”. I also love the wedding band we picked out. When picking out my wedding band, I wanted to make sure that I got one that complimented my engagement ring, not “matched” it. We chose a band encrusted with pave diamonds and set in rose gold. Pink is my favorite color. I think the rings totally symbolize me and my Pirate… we definitely complement one another.

And since we’re on the topic of rings, I’d love to share the rest of my ring collection with you. It’s pretty excessive. And I didn’t really realize how much I had until I snapped these photos. A ton of them are from F21, mixed in with vintage, and some fine jewelry pieces.

{L – R: F21, F21, F21, F21, Wetseal, F21}

{L – R: from Mom, Clio Blue, F21 connector rings}

{L – R: Sanrio, Tarina Tarantino, Tarina Tarantino, Sanrio, F21, local boutique,
vintage Hello Kitty, apple Hello Kitty from drugstore, Wetseal bow connector}

Hope you all enjoyed seeing my collection. I’ve been eyeing the YSL Arty rings for a while now and hopefully I’ll be a proud owner one day!
Chunky Gold

First ...loveMaegan did it.  Then elisharon did it.  Then it was my turn!  Thanks for the great inspiration girls.  

Will you make your own?

{ I sewed two ribbons together to make the strap }

{ endless records }

As I mentioned, I headed to one of the largest garage sales this past weekend.  It was a great morning (yes, morning, as we arrived there just before 8am and left just after 11am - and didn't even see half of it) and I walked away with some really great items. 

{ looks like these guys scored an amoire }

{ lots of people -and dogs- everywhere }

{ amazing jewellery }

{ my maxi dress was dragging so I tied it in a knot }

{ street music }

{ my sis scoping out some records }

{ custom street signs for sale }

{ more jewellery }

{ very successful - that silver bag is packed }

What I got:

{ small mirror with a big frame - I plan on spray-painting this silver }

{ these are clip-on earrings I plan on making into brooches }

{ black fur muff }

{ suede belt }

{ new hand-made headband -and hats- from this one lady, unfrotunately, she doesn't have a website }

{ silver picture frame }

{ long pearls}

{ nautical brooch}

{ True Religion jeans ... for $5!!! - obviously my fave item }
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