It's been two years since I purchased my first designer bag, the Givenchy Antigona, during our first trip to Italy.  It was such an exciting day, and I remember wanting to skip down the street back to our AirBnB because I was on cloud 9.

When we came home, I shared the bag in a haul video, and featured it many times on the blog in various outfit posts.  Now that I've been using it for two years, I thought it would be a great time to share my thoughts on it, especially since this bag is still going strong in popularity.

I recently teamed up with Firmoo, an online glasses company where you can find hundreds of different types of glasses and your perfect pair (including sunglasses).   

I got to pick out a new pair and the specs I chose are different from any that I own, and that was the point; I wanted to push myself to try something different.  They are a bit  large, dark chocolate plastic frames, and kind of nerdy (which I secretly kind of love). 

They got my prescription right and something I love about these (in comparison to other glasses I have) is that since the lenses are larger, it makes watching movies easier without having to move my head around to ensure I'm seeing through the lenses or nudge them down on my nose (near-sighted peeps will know what I'm talking about it).


What's in it for you?

Firmoo is offering you guys A FREE PAIR OF GLASSES (what!).  The catch?  You pay the shipping (pffft, easy peasy).

Don't need glasses to see?  Why not rock a pair of non-prescription specs (who will know!?) to up your edge-factor/hipster-ness/inner-sex-kitten?

Click on over to Firmoo to claim yours now.

My style (which is no longer available) but this one is similar.

Nail Polish Canada sent me a Konad Nail Stamping kit to try out.  I love trying new things but wasn't sure how I'd feel about this as I'm not big into designs on my nails (unless it's like an angled neon french mani).  However, after trying it immediately upon receipt on me and my friend at work (yes, it's that quick and easy), we both agreed it's pretty cool.  Then I did this fresh mani with some Zoya nail polish I already had and loved it (and got many compliments!).

There are seven designs to choose from on the disc that are each super intricate.  The process is pretty simple:

1. Paint your nails, let them dry.
2. Paint the disc/design with the polish that comes in the kit.
3. Scrape it off with the provided blade.
4. Pick up the design with the rubber stamp.
5. Transfer it to your nail by simply rolling the stamp across your nail.


Simple and looks so great.  I don't like the idea of stamping each finger, so I just stamped one on each hand.  This would look great on toes too.

When Me Undies contacted me about their underwear I immediately got excited to try a pair out (they got a great review in Cosmo).  

There are three options: thong, boyshort or brief (and men's options too).  

I ordered the thong in coral (there are plenty of colours to choose from).  Upon their arrival I'm immediately smitten; they fit seamlessly smooth under snug dresses and tight pencil skirts, and if they peek out of the top of your jeans, they look sweet.

On a personal note, I would definitely size up in these as they are a little tiny.  For reference, I wear a size 31 in pants/denim, and ordered a large (which was still a little teeny but wearable).

Want to score yourself some MeUndies at a discounted price?  Get 20% off the regular price when you enter 'ACoest1984' at the check out.

Additionally, MeUndies has generously offered to give away two three-month memberships to their website (aka three pairs of free undies!). 

Entering is easy:
* Visit the Me Undies website
* Comment below with your favourite style & email address

Winners will be announced Tuesday!

Additional entries:
* Tweet this give-away with the following:   
Enter to win 3 pairs of undies from @Me_Undies with @ACoest1984

Leave an additional comment for each entry you make.


The winners are SpiffyKerms & Sarah!!  Congratulations & thanks to all for playing.  xo

 Outfit Deets:
* Gap cardigan (old).
* Joe Fresh blouse (old) and seen before with skinny  jeans.
* Dynamite skirt which I wore two years ago with turquoise silk and the same belt.
* Kelsi Dagger 'Genelle' wedges (new!) which I just picked up at Winners for half the price they are on the KD website (score!).  Am loving heels with lower heels lately (since I have enough of 4inch+) and these fit the bill perfectly.
* Accessories: Joe Fresh belt, Guess & F21 bangles

Some of you know I wear glasses, and while my prescription isn't very strong, it's existent, just ask the people at!  They kindly let me pick out a pair of eyeglasses which is so exciting because I've been wanting to buy glasses but didn't want to fork out the cash (I know, I know).

I picked out a pair of plastic frame prescription glasses by Reece called the Jakob.  While I normally tend toward metal frames (here's a post where I'm wearing my metal framed glasses) I have been itching for a pair of plastics and this was the perfect opportunity to find some.
The website offers a virtual mirror to try glasses on, but since I didn't have a Flash player I simply used the measurements from a pair of glasses I already owned to determine what size would fit my face.

Now, I know this is a review, and I know I got a pair of free glasses, but, I have to mention their customer service.  First know that they did not ask me to discuss this and they are all my own opinions.  I'm not one of those bloggers who is going to say wonderful things about a company I'm not happy with.  This is brutal honesty.
From day one, they were very helpful and I was impressed with how quickly my questions were answered via email.  When I finally placed my order (I himmed-and-hawed for a good three weeks on which pair to purchase) they sent me a tracking number within a day or so.  From there, my glasses arrived within four days.  Four. Days.  Shocking, especially since it seems they outsource their production to Europe and I'm in Canada.  The glasses arrived in a small box with a case and a cleaning cloth, brand spankin' new.  I can honestly say I love them. would like to offer you lovely readers 10% off any purchase, simply use the code Blog10

And one from Instagram the day I received my new glasses...

I read this book in 20 hours.  That is a record.  And no I am not some crazy speed reader.  I started it at 9pm on Friday and while away in cottage country, finished it by 5pm Saturday.  It`s hard to put down, and a super easy read.  My friend lent it to me, and it was laugh out loud funny.  Literally, I was laughing out loud multiple times (surrounding people thought I was crazy... or reading a really funny book.  I'm not sure). 

The book is full of ridiculous stories, thoughts and advice.  It`s 241 pages and includes everything from short chapters (140 characters) to long winded useless ramblings that while may be useless, made me laugh, so I guess they aren't so useless.

Verdict:  Buy this book (or borrow it and save yourself $27 bucks) and laugh.  Relax.  Transport yourself to another realm.  Enjoy.
I wanted to do a quick product review on a few (drugstore*) products I'm loving that I recently picked up.

NYC 'Smooth Skin' Loose Face Powder

Love. This. Powder.  It's the second time I've bought it and I love it.  I think this is just a loose powder, but I like to use it as a setting powder for my foundation or as a light bronzer.  I haven't used many loose powders before so I can't compare, but I love that this doesn't have any sheen or sparkle to it, it's matte; goes on and stays that way.  Another great part?  It's $2.67.

Wet 'n' Wild 'ComfortZone (738)' Palette

I purchased this after seeing YouTuber LolaMarie using it multiple times (and it just looked so good).  It was $3 so I figured I couldn't go wrong.  And I was right.  I'm super picky with eyeshadows; favourites being NYX and MAC (I also like Mark by Avon & CoverGirl).  FYI I cannot stand Maybelline eye shadow (not enough pigment transfer).

After using this palette just once, I'm hooked and wish it came in more varieties (they are three different palettes to choose from).  There are a total of eight eye shadows per palette and they have handy words written in the shadows (eg. brow bone, crease, etc.) in case you're like me and unsure where things are 'suppose' to go.  The lasting power is great and only after a sweaty workout at the end of the day, was my shadow creased.

Fructis 'Hold & Flex: Body Boost' Hair Spray (level 5)

I'm a huge TrèsSemmé fan so when I ran out last time, I initially went to the store to pick up my regular can.  However, it wasn't on sale and this kind was (half the price of TS), it smelt pretty good so I figured why not.

I have used it a few times and love it so far.  It's a pretty heavy spray (compared to TS's 'fine mist') but doesn't goop and get really sticky or stiff.  The scent is great (slightly floral) and it has great holding power.  I will definitely buy this again.

Revlon 'PhotoReady' Foundation

I love this foundation.  I initially purchased it about a year ago when PharmaPlus had a 50% off sale.  Since I was new to using foundation, I wasn't ready to spend almost $20, but I was willing to spend half that.  I ended up getting the 'Nude (004)' shade which turned out to be a little be on the light side for me (especially if I'm trying to add some colour to my face), but mixed in with a slightly darker shade of foundation (Maybelline 'Instant Age Rewind' in 'Sandy Beige (1)'), it worked out okay.  I was excited to see another 50% off sale and snatched up the next shade up, 'Natural Beige (005)'.

Something about this foundation that I love is that it's creamy and not too thick.  It covers well, but depending on the amount you use, it can go from a light to medium coverage foundation.  I find it really lives up to it's 'Photo Ready' name as I feel like it smooths out my skin and makes it look much more even.  I like to use this alone or mixed in with another foundation to give it lasting power.

* I mainly buy all my make up from the drugstore/Walmart.  I just have a hard time spending a small fortune on make up (I'd rather buy shoes) especially when you can buy something like the Wet 'n' Wild palette above for $3 bucks and be so darn happy with it.

I was recently gifted with a Maybelline SHINEsensational lip gloss (not from the company) and was excited to try it out.  I can be a very picky person, especially when it comes to lip gloss but I must say this one is excellent.  I normally use Lip Smacker Clear Shine (in Cotton Candy) or Bath & Body Works 'Ultra Metha lip shine' but am always willing to try something new, but often tend to revert back to my tried-n-true.  Not this time.  I love this stuff, it goes on thick, but not goopy, has a bit of shimmer, but not too much, and the flavour. is. awesome.  The 'Treat Me Sweet' (number 20) flavour is kind of a strawberry-banana and while I wouldn't eat it straight from the tube (do people actually do that?  No judgement.), the taste is pretty good.
 Charlotte Russe top, H&M pants (last seen here), Aldo wedges,
F21 bangles, Bay ring & Gucci shades

The amazing people over at Misikko sent a brand (spankin') new HANAair Professional hair dryer  to try out.  I was super stoked as I've been in the market for a new hair dryer (I was using a cheapy Conair one and had drooled over a friend's Chi last winter) and well overdue.  When my package arrived I did a little happy dance (my Grammy taught me this) and opened it with excitement.  I tried it immediately that night to dry my bangs after my shower.  Since then I have been using it almost daily and getting a real feel for it.

The first thing I noticed was the super long cord (love this) and the weight of the dryer (heavy-ish).  Next up, the power.  Oh the power.  This baby dried my hair in about one third of the time it normally takes.  The buttons are easy to navigate and your fingers don't accidentally shut it off as you're using it.  There are two heat settings and two power settings.  There is also an extra cold cool-shot button that stays on without having to hold it on (bonus), furthermore, it gets quite cold (and acts as a great fan when you're starting to sweat in a steamy bathroom).

Verdict:  Love this hair dryer, great results and it definitely compares to my experience with Chi and kicks my Conair's butt.

Misikko carries a top rated tourmaline hair dryer, hair straighteners (Jamie recently did a review on hers) & the best hair dryers (you can buy mine here).

* Disclaimer: While Misikko did send me this product for free to review, my opinions and review are all my own and not influenced in any way.  I genuinely love this product and would recommend it if it's in your price range.

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