I read this book in 20 hours.  That is a record.  And no I am not some crazy speed reader.  I started it at 9pm on Friday and while away in cottage country, finished it by 5pm Saturday.  It`s hard to put down, and a super easy read.  My friend lent it to me, and it was laugh out loud funny.  Literally, I was laughing out loud multiple times (surrounding people thought I was crazy... or reading a really funny book.  I'm not sure). 

The book is full of ridiculous stories, thoughts and advice.  It`s 241 pages and includes everything from short chapters (140 characters) to long winded useless ramblings that while may be useless, made me laugh, so I guess they aren't so useless.

Verdict:  Buy this book (or borrow it and save yourself $27 bucks) and laugh.  Relax.  Transport yourself to another realm.  Enjoy.
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