Today I wanted to do a quick check-in on my New Years Resolutions.  We are coming to the end of our first month of 2015 and I have made some head way...

Over the past few years, I have made resolutions such as, pay off my credit card each month, create weekly content for my YouTube channel, floss daily, sew a clutch and a skirt, and grow out my nails.  These are all challenges for me personally, but attainable if I put in the time, effort and discipline.

I'm of the mindset that New Years Resolutions, while challenging, should ultimately be attainable.  I never center mine around working out, weight loss or dieting.  As someone who tries to get to the gym two to three times a week, aims to eat fairly clean (70/30 is probably my ratio, which could be a bit better, but I love treats and they bring me a lot of joy, so there #isaidit ) and work on my own mind set about my body, New Years is not the time to put even more pressure on myself for that.

With that said, I'm making three new resolutions for 2015, so here we go...
Outfit deets:
* Ardene 'Partier' top (new!); how cute is this?  When I saw it I had to think for a minute but then realized the nod was for Cartier--cute!  It was super cheap and totally on trend.
* Dynamite waterfall blazer.
* Zara jeans (old) which you've seen a few years back in a parking garage with all black errthang.
* Aldo Periera booties (Christmas gift) which I had my eye on for months, but never purchased and then funny story, my mom purchased for herself, they came in, didn't really suit her and I saw them in her pile of 'returns' and snatched them up.  I told her I pay for them but she said I could have them as a Christmas gift--it was Christmas day when this happened, too!
* Accessories:  Expressions by The Bay necklace (old but they still have it), Ardene 'Love' bracelet, F21 wrap bracelet & Aldo bangle.

Okay, it's that time.  New Years resolution time.

I said I would share and I've been thinking long and hard--and you know I'm a fan of attainable resolutions--so here goes:

* Minimum one video per week on my YouTube channel.

* Don't take on everyone's problems--listen, empathize, let go.

* Pay off my credit card every month.  #keepinitreal

I think that's good.  Those are attainable, but also challenging for me.  

Making videos is a time consuming ordeal, and while it's a labour of love, there is a lot of behind the scenes work from preparation of myself (hair, camera make-up), the camera itself (setting up, focusing, etc.) and then the editing which is easily three to six hours per video.

I'm a naturally empathetic and compassionate person, who takes others problems and make them my own; it's my (astrological sign's) way of helping others.  In reality, it causes stress and worry, and most of the time it's the other person who has to fix it on their own.  That isn't to say I'm going to turn cold hearted, I just need to learn to accept I can only help someone else so much.

Finally, my credit card.  A balance on my credit card looms over me and while it might not be a terribly high amount, it still looms.  I want to pay it off, and keep it at zero come the end of every month.  Definitely do-able, but will have to keep my spending in check.

What are your resolutions?  I'd love to hear!  Share them in the comments below.

Outfit deets:
* H&M cheetah top (seen back in 2010 in an outfit I still love) with lace Ardene bandeau underneath.
* H&M waxed pants which you've seen with hi-top wedge sneakers, also with a cardigan and cap-top heels (a fave) and a printed top and nude wedges.
* Aldo wedges that are a fave (and old) seen last with a skirt and hunt green chiffon top.
* Accessories:  MK watch, Aldo belt (super old) & three Suzy snake necklaces looped together & held with a hoop earring at the back to create a shorter, chunky necklace.

Hey everyone!  Just popping in to share my New Years Resolution (yes, I'm a little late to the party, but I wasn't planning on creating any resolutions so here here!).

Since I'm a natural 'saver', as we've discussed before, I thought my NY Resolution should be to post more spontaneously.  So often I have ideas for posts or pictures to use, and I don't.  I save the idea, I save the pictures, thinking I will use them at a later date, or for when I experience bloggers-block etc. and often the idea gets lost, the pictures are then out-dated (at least to me) and I'm wishing I had just used them in the first place.

Additionally, sometimes I'm afraid to put too much out there, for you guys to be like, 'Ugh, it's enough, too many social media outlets!' but then again, when I think of the bloggers I like to follow, the more pictures, posts and sharing of their life, the better!

So, officially, post with more abandonnment.  Here goes nothing!

This is a shot from when I got home; waxed pants + slipper booties, epic combo.

Have you checked out Vine yet?  It's a new social media app, similar to Instagram (on steroids), but it plays looping videos of about five seconds long.  It's quickly blowing up and of course, being a social media lovah, I jumped on (and was happy to see many of my favourite bloggers using it too). 

I have only managed to post one video thus far but I think this weekend will prove to hold some fun videos.  You can find me under ACoest1984 (like everything else).
 My good friend's new baby boy (he is a mini version of his Dad; what a cutie).

 Frost on the windshield (so pretty; I'm actually quite surprised I was able to capture such a great pic).

Chai tea latté.


My fanciest watch and most inexpensive bracelet.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I'm playing catch up and thought I would share some photos I posted to Instagram recently as I figured not everyone who follows me here, follows me there (or even have the 'gram for that matter).

Life if finally settling back down to a somewhat normal pace after the holidays, which is kind of good.  I have yet to take down my decorations (which I never even shared with you all, grrr, sorry) but that's the plan for this weekend.

I am now intensively car shopping, thought I found 'the one' and then there was a minor hiccup... and so my car hunt has potentially restarted again.  I feel like I've been talking about buying a new car forever, and I just need to pull the trigger.  To be honest, it's a scary purchase for me and so that doesn't help the dragging-the-heels bit.  I want a new car, it is just so much work to get there (it seems) and I want to be really happy and excited about my decision.  Anyways, that's all on that front for now.

In other news, it's 2013!  I haven't come up with many new years resolutions other than do my hair more often (ha) and blog often.  I don't like setting massive resolutions; (did you know) only 10% of people actually accomplish or stick to their resolutions?  Apparently it's true, and I believe it. 

First off, I don't like setting myself up to fail, as in, setting a resolution that is so absolutely crazy, I will not obtain it even if I try my hardest.  Secondly, resolutions, to me, seem so daunting (if you make them that way).  So why not make resolutions more enjoyable and about enjoy the little things, the mini moments, the down times in between the fun times, etc.  (example, see my resolutions from 2011).

A couple of years ago I started doing resolutions by the month, which worked out well, for about six months and then I fell off the band wagon.  Still, it was a great way to focus on accomplishing a few small feats per month, and neat to look back on what I had and hadn't gotten done.  I may start this up for this year, it's not too late (it's never too late!).

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 Gap top, Mexx skirt, Anne Michelle heels (last seen here), Joe Fresh belt,
Suzy necklace, Bay ring, F21 & Mexican bangle & BCBG beaded bracelet

Goodness*!  It's the last day of August; hard to believe. This month my resolutions didn't sit too well with me, and by 'sit well' I mean I barely followed them.  It's as if I forgot I'd made them... funny how that happens.  Onto the list!

1.  I have spent many-a-time lake-side this summer, which I'm super grateful of.  It's so nice to get away on weekends in good company.

2.  I used Instagram a lot more than before (twice counts, right?)

3.  I didn't go thrifting once.

4.  Resolutions #3's outcome didn't help me save money this month... I just shopped at regular retail stores instead.  (oops?)

5.  I didn't just run 1km without stopping, I ran 2km.  Woot.  Woot.

6.  I wore sunscreen on the tops of my hands once.  I blame the non-sunny days.

* I've been using the term, 'Goodness' in regular everyday life.  It's strange.  Where does one pick up this sweet, but slightly senior-citizen-like term?  I'm not sure.  Someone tells me something shocking, 'Goodness!' I say.  I burn the dinner, insert-the-term-here.  I'm talking to a friend and they show me a new purchase, 'Goodness.. that's pretty'.  I forget to do something... you know the drill.  The word is really quite versatile.  Try it.  You might feel 70+ yrs. but maybe I'm starting a trend.  Just sayin'.
Joe Fresh top, H&M skirt, Ardene flats, Liliana wedges (last seen here), g21 sunnies,
Ardene necklace, Swarovski & Costa Blanca bangle(s)

I've skipped a few months and haven't been on the ball with the resolutions... maybe I should have had my New Year Resolutions include writing resolutions every month. Oh well. Regardless, August is off to a great start and I'd like to keep the momentum going. Here are my top resolutions for the last full month of summer:

1. Spend time lake-side (at a cottage).

2. Use Instagram more often.

3. Get back into thrifting (it's been soo long).

4. Save more money (does this mean I should cross off number three?).

5.  Wear the clothes I've purchased that still have tags on them.

6.  Run 1km without stopping. Complete!

7.  Wear sunscreen on the tops of my hands everyday.

Did you notice the shoe switch?

Also, I bought these navy Ardene flats and within wearing them twice, sadly, the sole started coming away from the shoe.  I haven't had the chance to try and return them yet and was thinking I might try and superglue them.  I love the colour and they are super comf, plus, for $14, if superglue works, it could be worth it.  Have you ever superglued your shoe soles?
Doe & Be top, H&M pants, Aldo wedges (last seen here), Ardene necklace,
Charlotte Russe ring, various bracelets & Gucci shades

Look kids!  It's the recap of my April Resolutions (finally).  I have to admit recapping on two months worth of resolutions in one month is pretty impressive.  Wait until I give you my August Resolutions - it'll blow your socks off.  Let's get recappin':

1. I used the Crest White Strips and loved them. They definitely whitened my teeth (so much so that people noticed - even strangers). I would highly recommend them ($32 well spent). I used the second level of the strips (whiten for 30 minutes, everyday, for 14 days) and while sometimes I missed a day, it didn't seem to matter. My teeth did not get more sensitive (I thought they would, and I have sensitive teeth) and they worked.

2. I highlighted my hair and now I'm almost back to needing it done again (which will prompt more highlighting, despite my inner debate).

3. Still haven't done this but have been driving around with it in the back of my car for over two weeks now (Sharon, please don't hate me!).

4. I have decided (after all that) to keep my car for a little bit longer. Dream car, take a back seat.

5. I made the clutch, started the skirt and completed the scarf. I also made a trapeze style top.

While taking these photos the other day I couldn't resist the sweet Canada Geese
that were quacking around.  I had to seize the (Canadian 'eh) moment and snap 'em up.

 H&M blazer (last seen here), Stitches top (last seen here), H&M tank, Forever 21 pants (last seen here), Aldo wedges, Le Chateau necklace, Bijoux Terner bangle, Swatch watch, Swarovski bangle, Ardene leather bracelet & Charlotte Russe ring

In March I started to make monthly resolutions, figuring tackling a few small goals per month would be easier to handle than the entire years worth (mind you, my New Years resolutions weren't that hard to abide by...).  And while I've been working on my resolutions each month, maybe one of my resolutions should have been to ensure I give a recap on here... in a timely fashion.  I wouldn't say July is very timely for a March Resolutions Recap but we're going to pretend it is because that's what we do.  Oh, that's not what you do?  Well... read on anyways.

1.  I haven't been wearing as many dangly earrings as I resolved I would, but, am rocking them at least once every two weeks (progress, people, progress).

2.  I'm a regular flosser*.  Woot. 

3.  I celebrated my 27th birthday (surprise, surprise).

4.  Operation long nails hasn't exactly been very successful, but that goes in stages.

   * My Dentist loved this resolution.

 Just some recent iPhone snaps:

1.  The top I said I'd make as an April resolution.
2.  Mom's Birthday brunch (I rocked that quiche thanks to Ka).
3.  DIY'd pasta/coffee jars I made for my sister as a Christmas gift using chalkboard paint.
4.  Mojitos.  'Nuff said.

Apriori dress, Stitches skirt, Aldo wedges (last seen here & in brown here), Dynamite belt, Gucci shades, 
Mexx, Suzy & Forever 21 bangles & Bay ring

It's that time: a new month, new resolutions.  I figured why not make some resolutions each month (here's the March list), seems more feasible then creating a list for the entire year, no?  The whole idea is that the resolutions have to be feasible (and sometimes enjoyable).  So what's up, April?  Let's do this:

1.  Whiten my teeth.  I bought Crest White Strips (totally been wanting to try them for a couple years but never pulled the trigger) and am on my way.  We'll see what happens.  They are on my teeth as I type... they feel funny.  Oh, and my teeth are already feeling more sensitive (uh oh).

2.  Figure out what the f I'm doing with my hair.  Am I going to highlight it (the norm) super blonde or am I going to phase in the ombre look?  I'm getting there with the ombre, but at this point it's just really bad roots that look greasy when they're clean.

3.  Mail a special package (that's been sitting on my dresser for months) to a special friend (I'm such a procrastinator - ugh).

4.  Buy a new car.  Okay, this is a pretty big resolution for April but I'm serious about getting a new car and definitely want to have it in time for summer.  I'm looking at one model but there are two engine types.  I've test driven one and am taking the other out this Wednesday. 

5.  Make a clutch, a skirt and a scarf.  I bought the fabric, now it's go time.

PS - no tights.  I've officially ditched the tights.  I did it before April too, mainly because I took a trip to Florida and never looked back (slash had a tan... so what if it was a spray tan).

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