Friday, February 1, 2013

A Resolution

Outfit deets:
* H&M cheetah top (seen back in 2010 in an outfit I still love) with lace Ardene bandeau underneath.
* H&M waxed pants which you've seen with hi-top wedge sneakers, also with a cardigan and cap-top heels (a fave) and a printed top and nude wedges.
* Aldo wedges that are a fave (and old) seen last with a skirt and hunt green chiffon top.
* Accessories:  MK watch, Aldo belt (super old) & three Suzy snake necklaces looped together & held with a hoop earring at the back to create a shorter, chunky necklace.

Hey everyone!  Just popping in to share my New Years Resolution (yes, I'm a little late to the party, but I wasn't planning on creating any resolutions so here here!).

Since I'm a natural 'saver', as we've discussed before, I thought my NY Resolution should be to post more spontaneously.  So often I have ideas for posts or pictures to use, and I don't.  I save the idea, I save the pictures, thinking I will use them at a later date, or for when I experience bloggers-block etc. and often the idea gets lost, the pictures are then out-dated (at least to me) and I'm wishing I had just used them in the first place.

Additionally, sometimes I'm afraid to put too much out there, for you guys to be like, 'Ugh, it's enough, too many social media outlets!' but then again, when I think of the bloggers I like to follow, the more pictures, posts and sharing of their life, the better!

So, officially, post with more abandonnment.  Here goes nothing!

This is a shot from when I got home; waxed pants + slipper booties, epic combo.

Have you checked out Vine yet?  It's a new social media app, similar to Instagram (on steroids), but it plays looping videos of about five seconds long.  It's quickly blowing up and of course, being a social media lovah, I jumped on (and was happy to see many of my favourite bloggers using it too). 

I have only managed to post one video thus far but I think this weekend will prove to hold some fun videos.  You can find me under ACoest1984 (like everything else).


spiffykerms said...

Love the aldo wedges. Like a ton a ton...

And omg I thought you got that watch on eBay! I have the exact (k it's not MK it's a generic one called Geneva lol) and it looks identical. Mine sounds cheap though when it moves on my arm.

Sharon Lei said...

Luuurve the outfit collage. :)

I don't have an iPhone (blasphemy, right? lol), so I can't get the VINE app. Boo hoo. Soon enough, they'll make it for Android.

I know what you mean about being afraid of putting too much out there, but it is a lot of fun seeing your fave bloggers share a glimpse of their lives, too!

The weekend is here.. so happy. :)))

xx Love & Aloha

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