Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Grey'd Out Part Deux

Ashley B Jacket (last seen here), Stitches sweater, Old Navy button down, Dynamite skirt (last seen here), Glaze booties (last seen here), A.Co Designs wool & leather scarf (last seen here), Suzy belt & Auslini bangle

What's with me and grey lately?

As I sit here and type this I feel happy.  My life is (somewhat) in order, my laundry is done, my belly is full, my place is (somewhat) tidy and I feel good.  Things are falling into place and it feels good.

I had a Skype date with my BBFF the other night.  Always good to catch up with that girl, and although thousands of miles apart, it's almost as if it isn't... almost.

And in other exciting news, I got a new laptop.  Yay!  My old one konked out on me after over six years and I have finally entered the twenty-first century.  It's nice to have some speed and have something that doesn't take 12 minutes to shut down.  It's also super pretty too.

Finally, can you believe Christmas is less than two months away?  Love it!  The stores are putting out their holiday products, seasonal music is streaming through the speakers, and there is no sign of any (icky) snow yet.  It's like a dream.  I've even already started my shopping, slowly but surely.  When will you start?



Jamie said...

Awwe it was great catching up with you too dollface! We need to do it more often! We need to figure out a way to get a better connection!! So happy things are going well for you. You SOO deserve it!! Lots of love!!

Love the monochromatic look! Those booties are fierce!

Anonymous said...

Yay for being happy!

I agree with Jamie - those boots are fierce!

erica said...

what a gorgeous outfit! Love the shoes! xo

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