Thursday, September 8, 2011

Music Type

 Alainn Bella sweater (last seen here), Joe Fresh dress/skirt (last seen here),
Aldo wedges (last seen here), Mexx necklace & Bay ring

What kind of music do you like?  I'm a huge fan of hip-hop, rap, dance/techno, r&b and urban pop (in that order).  I was recently turned onto The Dream's (aka Terius Nash) new album (listen here; my fave is, 'Long Gone').  It. Is. So. Good.  Apparently it's somewhat dedicated to his ex-wife (that he cheated on) Christina Milian.  Have a listen, you will understand.

I often have a habit of killing tracks.  If I like a song, I will literally kill-the-track (aka play it over, and over, and over again until I can't stand it).  For instance, I have listened to the above track, oh, about fourteen times within the last two days.  Um.  Ya.

Here are a few other tracks I'm 'killing' at the moment:

* Black Eyed Peas - Someday
* Pitbull feat. Sean Paul - Shake Senora
* Kelly Rowland feat. Big Sean - Lay It On Me
* The Weeknd feat. Drake - The Zone
* Gums - Don't Give Up
* Remady - No Superstar



Jamie said...

I HEART DRAKE! I am pretty sure he will one day be the father of my children. Now I just need to meet him... ;)

M.R. said...

i'll have to check out that album- i like all types of music!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your sweet comment! LOVE the sweater in your post... I'm SO ready for Fall.

My fav music: 90s R&B, Old school Mariah Carey, Pop a la Britney & Nsync :) I was such a teeny bopper!

Hope you are doing well!


K A T H L E E N said...

sweet blog header and great post like the detailed shots! enter my giveaway

D e g a i n e said...

Hey it's been a while since i stopped by your blog, you are lookin' good! Hope all is well xo

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