Spence cropped jacket (thrifted), H&M dress (last seen here), Sirens leggings, Bamboo boots, Suzy belt, Emily Elizabeth necklace,  g21 sunglasses, Swarovski bangle, Michael Kors bracelet & Bijoux Terner beaded bangle

You guys!  Something totally exciting happened to me on Monday night.  As some of you know, I do Zumba and have for two years.  I absolutely love this cardio work out and as a former dancer, it's awesome to be doing choreographed dance again (unlike when I just randomly dance around the house).

Back to the story exciting-ness.

So I'm in class on Monday, waiting for our teacher to arrive.  The class is set to start at 4:30pm, and there are about 30 women waiting.  Well, 4:30pm came and went and still no teacher.  A few minutes later, an employee of the gym told us our teacher was no where to be found and we could wait, but class would likely be canceled.  As we all stood around feeling defeated, one woman pointed at me and said, 'You should teach the class!'.  Another chimed in, 'Yeah, you're really good,' and then another, 'Yeah, do it!'.  Next thing I know, I'm fetching my iPhone from my locker and hooking it up to the stereo system in the class, jumping on stage and teaching an hour long zumba class.  What!?  I know. 

It was so exhilarating and while I've had several people, including instructors, suggest I become certified to teach over the years, I've never actually taught a class.  I was so nervous but didn't want to go home either.  I came to sweat, and sweat we did.  I had some of the songs on my phone, the others I YouTube'd.  Sometimes I messed up the choreography and sometimes I killed it.  I even free-styled for one song which wasn't terrible and everyone seemed to really enjoy it.  At the end of the class, everyone was clapping and cheering like crazy for me and numerous women were coming up to me thanking me, telling me how awesome it was and how I should 'really look into teaching from now on', etc.  It was amazing.  Such a feel good moment and accomplishment.
Urban Behaviour trench

It's been a fantastic weekend and I was lucky to have today off as well, making it yes, a four-day-weekend (amazing!).  It's been a great weekend filled with BBQ's, two Easter dinners, wonderful weather, and lots of chocolate.  Inspired by a couple things, thought I'd put together a list of current things I'm lusting, loving, looking for, listening to, etc.

Lusting for...
{ Spring's Ferdico sandals, $50}

Saw these on my girlfriend HC / future brother-in-law's girlfriend at Easter and fell in love.  Deep.  They come in black as well and just looked so good on her feet.

Listening to...


... some of my recently thrifted items:

{ black patent clutch }

{ silk scarves }     

{ navy blazer }      


My fiancĂ© and I have become verrry hooked on this show about a middle-aged chemistry teacher who turns to a life of drugs and crime without his family having any idea.  Anymore would give too much away, but needless to say, it's worth the watch.

Workin' it out with...

{ Zumba }

I've been doing Zumba for a year now and still can't get enough.  It's a high-intensity cardio work out that includes salsa, meringue, hip-hop, and more latin-inspired dance.  If you know of a gym or rec centre that offers this class, I high recommend it.  It's a great way to sweat it out while having a great time.
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