Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps | 30th Birthday Edition

Before the weekend came, Emily surprised me by sending flowers to my work--all the way from Florida--for my birthday!  I got them on a super snowy day and it was the sweetest, most thoughtful gesture.

On Friday morning I went into work and my friend had put up some birthday decorations and there were a couple cards and a gift waiting for me.  It really brightened my morning.  Would anyone be interested in seeing what I got for my birthday?  Perhaps a separate post to share that?

Friday evening I did some shopping at the mall--but purchased nothing--and had dinner with Marco.  It was a super low key evening, exactly what we both needed, topped off with an episode of Banshee.

Saturday was my birthday so we started the morning off right at the gym--which helped to feel good all day long and when I got dressed for the evening's party (and for the treats I ate).

We came back to the condo and Marco surprised me by making eggs benedict for the first time.  So good!  An awesome first breakfast in my 30's.

Marco went out during the afternoon to run around and collect supplies and food for the evening festivities.  He came back with a beautiful bouquet of balloons!  Balloons are so fun to get, and you can enjoy them for a few weeks too--what a treat!

Marco planned a birthday party for me at our new place, but in the party room--which was awesome because our place really isn't ready, or up to my standards, to show people yet.  Plus, no pre-cleaning required and plenty of room to fit everyone with ample seating.  This is what I wore and you can see a full body shot on Instagram.
Outfit deets:  Mexx cardigan, Urban Planet top, H&M faux leather leggings, Liliana wedges & Smart Set necklace.

My friend Lindsay's fiancé made me a pecan pie!  She poured through my blog to discover my favourite pie, and he made it; a joint effort.  It was so good.

A beautiful Kate Spade 'Hello Sunshine' necklace from a friend; I never want to take this off.

Sunday morning, feeling pretty good--and not hung over--I went to the gym.

Then back to the condo for another breakfast by Marco.  Two thumbs up.

I spent all afternoon filming my next Place d'Orleans video.  It took me about three hours to film, and another six to edit; needless to say, bedtime came after midnight.

I took a quick break to run downstairs.

The set-up for the shoe shots; looks like someone has the photography itch.



Anonymous said...

The breakfast Marco made look delish, looks like you had a great start to your 30's! Where are those jeans from, love them! xo

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

@Anon: Thanks!! :) The jeans are from Jean Machine, they are the Mavi 'Serena' !

Princess Audu said...

The breakfast looks great, props to Marco and happy belated birthday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks ill have to go check them out! :-)

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