Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Spotted Pastel

Outfit deets:
* Jacob cardigan (old).
* H&M strappy tank (old) which you've seen with a pencil skirt & circle vest.
* Smart Set cami underneath.
* Guess denim pants (last summer) which you've seen one summer night last year.
* Asos 'Hong Kong' heels which I'm obsessed with & showed in my last haul video.  They aren't as comfy/soft as my Zara ones, but they aren't too bad. 
* Accessories:  Michael Kors watch, Le Chateau cuff, F21 necklace & Gucci shades.

Happy Tuesday everyone!  How is your week going?

Last night I was super productive and got my laundry done and some dishes, I photographed this outfit, edited the photos, filmed a video and edited it and relaxed.  Definitely a needed me-night to get some stuff done after a busy and fun weekend.

I'm already counting the days to this coming weekend--do you guys do that too?--as there is a big party on Saturday night happening which should be a great time.  I'm debating if I should try to make ice cream with my ice cream maker... but then again, would that really be a good party food?

I also wanted to ask you guys if we should continue with the Let's Chat posts?  I didn't put one up last week and no one asked, and we've done so many I'm having a hard time coming up with some.  If you have any suggestions I would love to hear 'em!

Hope you have a great day.

 Everyone asks me about this iPhone 5 case, touches it and tells me, 'That thing is like a weapon!'.  I bought mine on eBay and you can get your own HERE (cheaper than I paid, too!).  I also showed this case--and three others--in my iPhone 5 Case Haul video.



Sharon Lei said...

you were super productive. good job. i didn't get a ton done this weekend, but it was nice to relax. sometimes, i just need ONE full day to do absolutely nothing. lol.

i'm really considering getting those heels. i want both colors, but i know i shouldn't. i really shouldn't be buying any more heels. ha! who am i kidding.

hope you're doing great, A! btw, you and M are so frackin' adorable. such a cute and HOT couple. love it. and love joo!

xx Love & Aloha

Katrina said...

I liked the "Let's Chat" posts. I think there are still lots of topics that you could write/ask about, such as:

-What are your favourite stores to shop at?
-What kind of girlfriend/boyfriend are you? (i.e. independent, jealous, secure, etc.)
-What was the saddest/happiest moment of your life?
-What are your best/worst qualities?

Etc., etc....and if you find that at the weekly posts of this type are too much, why not switch to monthly, rather than getting rid of it altogether?

A.Co said...

@Sharon: you are tooooooo sweet, my friend!! xo

@Katrina: GREAT feedback and suggestions! Thank you :) :)

Amanda_714 said...

First off, let me just say I a, obsessed with this outfit.

I really like the Let's Chat posts, but I can see how it would be hard to come up with some topics. Here are so topics (sorry if they are lame)
- Bucket List items
- Biggest regret so far
- Biggest accomplishment so far

If you wanted to try something different you could also do a series of "would you rather" type questions. My best friend and I do this all the time over texts (ranging for absolutely absurd questions to serious ones). I love the justifications we come up with.

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