Outfit deets:
* Smart Set cami.
* Seduction skirt (old) which you've seen with a navy tee and red flats.
* Sam Edelman 'Sophie Low' wedges (new-ish) which I'm wearing 24/7 it seems; seen with my DIY denim cut-off shorts (when I purchased my condo), also with white skinnies & shades of green.
* Accessories: Club Monaco belt, A.Co Designs necklace & a close up of my arm stack.

I have been driving the same car for almost nine years.  NineYears.

Long time, 'eh?

So lately, there have been a few things happening with my car, and it's needed some loving.  Half a new exhaust system here.  A new wheel barring there.  And so on.  Fortunately my Dad is a (retired) mechanic and can sometimes do the work for me, and more importantly, taught me how to keep my car nice.

So a week ago, on a Sunday afternoon, while visiting my parents, we were laughing at how none of us were very sure how much longer the 'Silver Bullet' would last (yes, she has a name).  She is 12 years old, after all, and anything can happen.  And so, we started to peruse the AutoTrader, talk cars, and so forth.  And while it seems every Spring I seem to do the, 'This is the year, I'm selling my car and getting something else... finally,' but this Spring I didn't want to do that.

I'm finally settling back into life, getting my finances in order and feeling pretty good.  The thought of a car payment (after so many years without) is a little terrifying to me.  I know for most people, a car payment is just something in life, but when you have gone for years upon years without one, you grow accustom to that extra cash every month.

I figured, at this point, I will drive my car into the ground (versus selling it for peanuts now) and then buy something.

Well, 'then' might have come sooner than later.

Last Monday morning on my way to work, my car broke down.  I wasn't even halfway there and I took off from a set of lights and she did not like the feeling of second gear.  Nor third.  Nor back to second.  

Uh oh.  

I pulled over as she chugged along and called CAA immediately.  They eventually sent a tow truck while I waited for over an hour in the humidity.  Fortunately, after three days of work (trial, error, research, ordering parts, installing, etc.), my Dad was able to fix the problem (and save me about $500), however, who knows when and what will happen next.

And so, the process of, 'Operation (maybe) buy a car,' has potentially begun.

Has anyone purchased a new car recently?

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