Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What I Packed for Florida

I'm heading to Florida this week and pretty pumped.  I know I mentioned it before, but I sent a suitcase (a big suitcase) down with my parent's who drive to Florida every year (it's a 24 hour drive).  This will save me from lugging a suitcase through airports and also paying to check my luggage (woohoo!).  Additionally, I'm not packing at the last minute, like I normally would be.

Whenever I travel, I style and pack outfits, versus just throwing everything into a suitcase (like I used to do).  This helps ensure I have (almost) everything I need, makes it easy to get dressed while on vacation and (sort of) eliminates over packing.  Sort of.

I definitley packed many favourites this year (which means I have to live without many favourites in my closet for a month) and aimed to pack lots of colour.  Also, you never know what kind of weather you're going to get in Coco Beach this time of year and since it's right on the ocean, the winds are breezy and the nights can be cool.  Layers, pashminas and light-weight jackets are a must.

I still have to pack my jewelery (going to aim for just silver this year, to make things easy), gym shoes, leather jacket (for motorcycle rides with my parents), pashminas, toiletries and my favourite black skinny pants (which I refused to pack at the time as I wear them at least once a week).

While the itinerary will be laid back, my mom has already texted me asking me if I wanted to get $8 pedicures ($8?! What?!).  On top of that I will be celebrating my birthday in FLA on Thursday (exciting!), hopefully spending lots of time on the beach (thank you for all your book recommendations) and get some shopping in as well (Ross, Target, TJ Maxx & the outlets).

Are you going away this year?  Did you already?  How do you pack wisely?

Freshly painted, ready for the beach, mon.

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Kate said...

I went to Florida last month and was very impressed with my packing skills as I only brought one item that I didn't wear (I have a nasty overpacking habit!). Paying for luggage sucks though, so we shoved two peoples stuff in one bag to avoid paying a second bag fee!

Schnelle said...

Have fun in Florida!! $8 pedis?! That's insane- enjoy it! Btw your nails look great:)

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

how fun!!! i'm excited for you. and 8 dollar pedicures is crazy! i wonder how they are so cheap.

great job on the packing. i give no advice when it comes to packing because I am HORRIBLE at it. I honestly have no idea how to pack, no matter how many times i try to make it easier by packing outfits or simple colors, oy.

Diana said...

Where in FL are you visiting? My husband and I go every year in October for our birthdays/anniversary (save this year, as we'll have a 6 month old at that point in time) and generally visit the Vero Beach area, but have spent past vacations in Orlando and West Palm Beach as well. We drive, also, and from central New Jersey it takes us about 16 hours. We absolutely love it - when he retires in just about 20 years we will be moving down there :)

Have fun on your vacation, and happy birthday!

Nuha said...

have fun on your trip! such a genius idea to send your luggage down with your parents. it'll make traveling so stress free! enjoy it!


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