Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fat Tuesdays

{ seafood linguini }

Last weekend a bunch of us girls went out to celebrate Tara's birthday.  We ate at a New Orleans-style restaurant.  Lots of seafood, lots of cajun, lots of fun.  They even had dualing-pianos for entertainment later in the evening!  It was fantastic.  Unfortunately, the night ended in me finding a parking ticket on my car.  Argh.

Here are some pix to get your mouth watering.


Hang to Dry

{ tank tops hung to dry }

So being as tall as I am, I am forced to hang most items to dry (after washing).  Can't risk a shrinking, now can we?!  Certainly not.  I'm sure my fiancĂ©e doesn't mind though, since I'm such a pro now at never shrinking his items either ;)

How do you dry your laundry?  Do you dry everything?  Hang everything?  Mix it up?


Friday, February 26, 2010

What's In My Bag

{ Coach keychain, a gift from my future mother-in-law }

We as women tend to carry a ton of crap with us, day in, and day out.  My bag is always overflowing with stuff ... most unnecessary?  Let's take a look inside my bag ... Here's a view of all the things I tote around on a daily basis, give or take a few things ;)

  { wallet, glasses, compact, mitts, USB stick, iPhone, antibacterial hand lotion,
lip gloss, keys, nail polish, a snack and some chocolate. 
missing: a pashmina, I always have one with me }

{ Tiffany keychain, gift from my future mother-in-law }

{ Bath & Body Works, 'winter candy apple' lotion & 'ultra metha lip shine' }

{ iPhone }


Snowy Spot

I was reading In Her Stilettos's blog today (she lives in Texas) and she was saying they were getting some snow and what a 'treat' it was for this to happen.  I couldn't help but recite this in my head as I spent over an hour shoveling snow today after work.  And not the light-fluffy snow.  The super heavy, wet, great-for-making-a-snowman kind of snow.  Did I mention super heavy?  Anyways, as I live in a place where snow arrives like clockwork every year, it'd be nice to see it as a, 'treat', however, such is not the case.

In any event, Peanut and I made the best of it today and went for a little walk in the forest ... pre-hour-long-shoveling session.

{ it's still snowing ... 4 hours later }

The Height

OMG. OMG. OMG.  When I spotted these on Kimmy Davis' site, I immediately started drooling.  Aren't these Pierre Hardy multi-colour wedges amazing?!  They are killer.  I've searched and I've searched and cannot find them anywhere online for purchase (hence, no link) ... mind you, they are a little high for yours truly ;)

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I'm loving Maison Martin Margiela's new leather peep-toe booties in grey.  At $1045 they are sorching, and you can buy them here.


Jason, you Wu me

My gf JM brought my attention to Jason Wu's beautiful Spring 2010 Collection.  Of course this came out months ago, but we are both recently drooling over his Floral X Ray Dress.  Gorgeous!


The Look for Less

My friend CW brought these beautiful Prada suede platforms to my attention, and they are begging for a post. Studs are still going strong and in full effect for spring, so bring some rocker-chic to your pastels for an updated look.

Black studded suede cross-strap platform sandals, perfect with tights, bare feet, socks ... dresses, jeans, skirts ... oh the possibilities.

If you love the look, but not the price tag, check out this option below.


Winter Isn't Over Yet ...

Fur, fur, everywhere.  Fur has been all over the Fall 2010 and Spring (!) 2010 runways.  I'm a huge fan (in the faux variety, of course) and think it's a great way to add interest to an oufit, but of course, can be tricky to do.  I've scoped out some of my favourite pieces / looks ... what are yours?

Fall 2010

Spring 2010


Let's Talk Wedges

Oh wedges, how you complete me.  Wedges have to be my favourite shoe style.  Easy to wear, often comfortable, sturdy, stylish, easy to walk in, and of course, overall just love the look of them.  As I perused some sites online, I came across several designer wedges for s|s 2010, along with a few more affordable options.

{ Aldo, 'Bastain' }


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vote for Me!

So I've entered the United Colors of Benetton casting call to become the next Benetton model.  I need your help!  I need all the votes I can get.  Click the link below to vote for me ... and register yourself if you'd like!


Monday, February 22, 2010

The 'Stro

{ party of four }

{ patiently waiting }

{ front entrance }

{ luminescent}

{ working hard in the kitchen }

{ on the rocks }

{ sweet reds }

{ give it a stir }

Took some pictures at my favourite restaurant tonight, something new.



Ooh la la.  I first laid eyes on these Fawson shoes from Aldo months ago, and now they've come out with a similar peep-toe version called the, Eggenburg

Love them both.

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