Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Place d'Orleans Fall, Winter & Holiday Photoshoot Campaign Photos

Hi ladies!  Today I'm sharing the final product of the Place d'Orleans photoshoot I did back in August.  It was a long day of shooting from about 8am to 7pm and we shot three different campaigns: Fall, Holiday & Winter.  We shot at least seven outfits but only four made the cut, which is what you're seeing today.
I'd love to show you the photos if you'd like to see...

My favourite look was easily the first photo, the winter outfit; I felt most like myself in the faux fur coat, uber-comfy leggings and gold-heeled boots.  Not only was I comfortable in this look, I was sweating underneath it!  The Stylist kept having to remove layers and fan me for relief--ha, diva (but seriously, everyone was so nice).  It was a true Summer day with no air conditioning in the industrial-style studio, so you can imagine how warm it got!
This shoot definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone as there was lots of jumping and movement and the looks, hair and make-up were different than what I'd typically wear.  Once the campaigns were released, a lot of friends and family commented how different I looked and how the photos, while beautiful, weren't as cheery as these ones.  That said, I know the mall wanted to go for an edgier look that was more high fashion, and I think that was achieved.  All in all, a successful day and it's fun seeing the end results as they've been posted up at the mall, on transit shelters and PDO's various social media channels.
As always, thanks for following along and all your support!

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Melissa M said...

I love the jumping picture. You look like you're floating. I could never look so chic while jumping in the air ;-)

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