Thursday, February 4, 2016

How to Know When to Buy Something

How many times have you been out shopping, found something you really like, but are torn on taking it to the cash?  Maybe you've been shopping a little too much lately, or perhaps you just aren't sure if the item is 'the one' for you.  How do you determine whether or not you should purchase something?

For me, I think about something similar in my closet, and whether I love that or the piece I'm coveting more.  If it's the latter, I buy it.  

Read on to see what some of my most stylish friends--whom are mainly bloggers--responded when asked how they decide on a purchase...

"I determine the item's "buy-worthiness" usually by how it makes me feel. I know this is terrible, but every now and then I make an impulse buy that keeps me smiling for years. Case in point: a pair of snow leopard loafers from Jimmy Choo bought during a champagne-soaked Vegas shopping trip." -- Dominique at Style Domination

"Price & versatility." -- Marilou at Twenty York Street

"I break it down into frequency of wears and how much each 'cost per wear' is." -- Alicia D'Aguiar, fashionable friend

"My final decision making a fashion purchase boils down to the perfect fit. If there is any hesitation in the store, it's only going to be ten times worse on a busy morning and will end up staying in the back of my closet. I also factor in the price, quality and value it will add to my wardrobe." -- Emily at Best of This Life

"1. Price point 2. Functionality 3. What would I pair it with in my closet 4. How badly do I want it." -- Jenn at Jennifer Yvonne

"The fit and the quality have to be there. I don't mind spending a little more on comfort and longevity. Especially if it's a classic piece that I can use over and over again." -- Chantal at Mode XLusive

"I must be able to re-use and then up-cycle the piece(s)!" -- Lacey at Country meet City

"I walk away from it and give it a few days. If I'm still thinking about it a few days later, chances are I've imagined it in my wardrobe every which way and it's meant to be. This helps determine whether it's an impulse buy or a functional addition to my wardrobe!" -- Emily at What Emily Said



Unknown said...

Lots of great tips and advice for making a good fashion purchase! Thanks for including me in the roundup xo

acoest1984 said...

Thanks Emily 💞

Dominique Baker said...

Great post, Amanda! God - I need Shoppers Anonymous. Lol! xoxo

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