Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Friday night I went to Rib Fest for the first time ever which was fun, but crowed and over-priced.  I'm not sure if I'd go again, but the social aspect of it was fun.

On of the rib trucks--the line ups were outrageous! 
Some of the trucks had over 100 people waiting.  Nutso.

Later on, we hit up a patio for drinks and snacks.  Then ventured through downtown, caught a busker circus act on the side-walk and indulged in some BeaverTails (a Canadian must-have).  Afterwards, we went to the casino and put it all on black--okay, not true but a bet was made on black and won.

Saturday morning breakfast at The Arrow & Loon.

Afterwards my bestie and her husband raced against each other in what we've dubbed 'The 100m Finals'.  They had an ongoing debate of who would win, head to head, in a 100m dash.  My money was on Sarah, but her husband ended up winning.  It was hilarious.  See the video proof HERE.

Saturday casual outfit for breakfast and some shopping after (I didn't buy anything exciting; hairspray + eye liner).
Outfit deets:  Bench jacket (new!), Cynthia Rowley tee (new!), Garage bra top & Walmart leggings. 

I finally DIY'ed a pair of jeans I bought a couple months back from the thrift store.  Will show before & after photos this week.  If you want to know how to do this, check out my old DIY Distressed Denim Cut-Offs post.

Can't get enough of my new kicks.

Saturday night party outfit (+ hair).
Outfit deets:  Vero Moda dress (new!).

Sunday morning running errands.
Outfit deets:  Okay denim vest & Old Navy sundress (old).

Outfit deets:  Dynamite lace top & tube top (old) underneath, DIY'ed shorts from above, Sam Edelman 'Sophie Low' wedges, Gucci shades & Cleo belt.

Celebrating my sister's impending bundle of joy (a boy!) at her first baby shower.  She's due in a month.

Sunday night dinner--coconut chicken strips.
So easy: butterfly chicken breasts, pound out to flatten, dunk in whisked eggs and coat in unsweetened coconut.  Bake in the oven at 350C for about 20 minutes.  Devour.

And lastly, my new sandals from Ardène.  I felt there were too many straps across the toes so I simply cut a few off and voila! Much more flattering.


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Schnelle said...

I definitely want to try that coconut chicken! I love your white sundress paired with the denim cut off jacket too!

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