Wednesday, January 5, 2011


 Mexx fur snood, Smart Set jacket, Jacob tights & bracelet

Hello my lovely readers.  I just wanted to touch base and really write something out.  The holidays have really taken a toll on me and not necessarily in a good way.  In return, I've been totally slacking on blogging (between Christmas and New Years), which doesn't make me happy, however, I needed the break.  If anyone tries to tell you blogging is easy, they are lying.  It really is like a full time job from the photoshoots to editing the photos, to posting, etc.  I absolutely love it and have found a passion for it, but it was nice to exit the Internet world for a few days and focus on myself.

I have several things I want to share with you all, that I'm trying to get around to.  I got an extra special package in the mail from a great blogger friend with the-most-amazing contents (this girl, I tell you, so generous) - wait till you see.  I also am dying to show you my Christmas goodies (sneak peak here), which are still under the tree and seriously should be put away (oops, procrastinator over here - but it looks so fun  and festive, so who cares).  And last, but not least, come up with some New Years resolutions (I have a few in mind, attainable, realistic, enjoyable too, and just need to put pen to paper .. er, fingers to keyboard, and share with you all).  With regards to New Years eve, if you didn't see my tweets, I was sick.  I woke up at 6am with the most horrible sharp pains in my stomach and made friends with the toilet bowl fast.  By 11am I think I had flushed my system and felt a ton better, but still very woozy (I think it was food poisoning, but how do you ever really know?).  By 10pm that night I still wasn't 100% but said, f'-it, and headed to a friend's house to ring in the new year - very low key, very casual, not what was planned, but none the less really great.

This isn't exactly an outfit post as I was only able to get a few shots in before the camera battery died (and these were the only ones that turned out, the rest were blurry).  Underneath I wore a black pencil skirt, grey scoop neck tee (both Boxing Day purchases from Jacob), this necklace and my studded pumps.  Winter is becoming so difficult to shoot outfit photos, I was thinking this as I drove home in the pitch black ... at 5pm.  Hubs often isn't around to take photos outside and when he is, it's too dark.  C'mon summer, you can't come soon enough!

Finally, I know I said I talked myself out of buying some shoes on the weekend, however, shoes have now been purchased. I couldn't resist.  I might have purchased seven pairs.  Yes, seven.  From two different web sites (Aldo & Urban Original).  The jury is still out as to whether I will keep them all, but look, I had a semi-bad day, okay, and I haven't bought multiple shoes in a while, so beat it.  (Mom, if you are reading this, I didn't really mean you should beat it).

PS - this tweet made my night.


Anonymous said...

Im glad someone else has overdone it with the post-Christmas shopping, too. Not that I think 7 pairs of shoes is too many...

Kristin said...

Thank you for the comment over on my blog. I'm so lucky to have Kate to shoot with - she's a wonderful and stylish bestie!

I'm now a follower of your blog - can't wait to see more. :) Hope you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

You are not a slacker. It's totally acceptable to take a few days off! I will be taking lots of days off this month. lol

And that necklace is beautiful. Well all three are. Whatever don't get specific on me.

Unknown said...

I cannot wait to see your new shoes. Jealous! :)


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