Friday, December 17, 2010

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 Joe Fresh cardigan (last seen here), Gap silk top, Smart Set cami, Old Navy pants
Aldo shoes (last seen here), Le Chateau pashmina, Suxy belt & ring & Bijoux Terner necklace

I'll admit, the minute I saw these pants on Blair I was in awe and to find out they were from Old Navy (you mean, within my budget?!) and still available?! Hello!  I went out and hooked a sistah up, and by sistah, I mean myself.  While I normally wear skirts and dresses to work, it's nice to actually find a pair of pants that fit well and I love - a rare combo.

So I ran into this guy at work, that I don't see very often, while wearing the salsa dress... he's French and while I speak it, we were talking in English (a surefire way to ensure having some messages lost in translation) and he asked me if I was having a baby (I know it's a flowy dress, but...) and it must have been the shocked look on my face because he quickly retracted his question and realized what he'd said.  What he meant to ask was when I was planning on having a baby, not if I was having a baby.  Anyways, we had a good laugh about it, but geeze, the baby questions don't stop as soon as you get married!



Anonymous said...

Well Im glad you figured out what he really meant!

Jamie said...

Holy crap I think I'd die! (or smack him! haha) well at least you know he couldn't have POSSIBLY meant you look preggers since you are a bean pole!
LOVING the pants! I might have to see if I can hook another sistah up with those puppies...!!

Isabel said...

i MUST have those shoes. my first stop is aldo once im home . lol

Valerie said...

The pants are SO cute! I can't believe they're $15! They look amazing on you. Oh my goodness about the baby question. I know exactly what you mean. I got this one recently, "Do you feel a lot of pressure to have kids soon, since you're getting older?" HAHA!!! I was so stunned I couldn't even respond. I don't think he meant it to be as bad as it came out, but anyway. Not always a fun question! Have a great weekend, A!


Alex said...

I love those pants! Just ordered!

Unknown said...

well, glad you got that sorted out with your french friend! i would have been totally taken aback, too!

LOVE those pants. i, too, am not a pants gal, as the inseam is never quite long enough, but those are great!


Linda said...

really love the pants and scarf combo! love your blog!

Unknown said...

SO CUTE!! I am so glad you got them- such a steal right?

palmandpineblog said...

That necklace is beautiful! You always seem to wear the most unique pieces of jewelry.

<3, natasha
twenty-something blog

Natalie Brooke said...

I love love love this outfit!! You look great! ps: I'm making a Canadian bloggers list and was wondering if you'd like to be on it - where in Canada are you from? Thanks! :)

Twenty.Something said...

Those shoes are fabulous!! Go great with the outfit.

Kara said...

These pants are kick ass!! Old Navy?? Really?! Wow! The scarf with the belt is ingenius! Never been brave enough to try but it looks amazing on you!

And lol to your story!! Sorry to an Quebecers reading this but when I worked in Ottawa I totally found that French people are so abrupt when saying things! Just like your story I know they don't mean to be offensive but it sounds that way to us! lol some things totally lost in translation!

Thanks for the well wishes on the exam too, lady! It went very well!! :) Have a great weekend!!


*** said...

Those pants are adorable and I love the shoes so much.

P.S. Stop by my blog if you have a chance - I am hosting an amazing EmersonMade Giveaway just in time for the holidays.

Vida said...

Ah! I just found your blog and I love your style and all your outfits =) I must have those pants.


Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

I saw these trousers on Blair too. They look equally amazing on you.

Chelsea said...

I too was surprised these pants were from Old Navy, but that's great!

Anonymous said...

absolutely looove this look. i like those pants so much!
i want them!

ps. new reader (from just north of toronto). love the blog!

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