Saturday, November 6, 2010


I am a serious saver.  Money?  Not necessarily, everything else?  Yes.  When I buy something, I feel the urge to save it.  Save it for the perfect occassion.  In turn, items will sit in my closet, with the tags on, sometimes for months.  Yes, months.  Can you believe that?  I sometimes can't either.  However, I do find it extremely satisfying when I finally wear the item and it feels like it's finally that 'perfect ocassion'. 

Tonight I was looking for something in my bed side table and what did I find?  Something I've been saving.: Easter chocolate.  Easter chocolate!  They were some of my favourites (Cadbury cream eggs, mini Reese's cups, and more) and I of course didn't eat them first (I ate the non-favourites first, you know, get those out of the way), I saved them.  For what you might ask?  Oh, I don't know, for when I really really wanted them... ? And now, here we are, seven months later and you know I'm not going to eat those savings.

Want more?  When I purchase groceries, I almost don't want to use them.  I mean, of course I want to use them, but when I cook a meal with all the veggies we have, I secretly fear I'm forgetting about a meal the following night I'd like to use them for.  Yes, because I can't go to the store the next day and get more...? 

Lately I've been trying to crush this weirdo habit of mine by simply using things immediately, rocking my new clothes immediately and feeling good about it.    It's kind of a, before-new-years-resolution.  Do any of you like to 'save' things?


Isabel said...

haha this made me laugh...i do things like save the icing on cake for the end...but i could never save chocolate for seven months

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, I do that with some things. You don't want to waste it, but you don't want to forget it about it... it turns into a cycle!

Anonymous said...

OH my gosh!! I love this confession.

I do save things for special occasions, but then by the time the occasion comes around I've forgotten about the new top/new mascara/new shoes/whatever I'm hoarding and I wear something else!

I totally get the food thing. When I moved home from university I had canned goods from like second year and my mum was all 'Emily why do you have such old cans!?' WEll. . . I never really eat them, I just keep them for emergencies when I have no other food, but since I always wanted to make sure I had some canned goods in stock I NEVER touched them. So now I have 3 year old tuna and beans. hahaha.

Also, thank you for the link. I'm giong to search here in Toronto this weekend and if no dice I'm going to order some!!

Veronika said...

I used to save things all of the time but nowadays I just realize that the things you buy are meant to be used and I don't feel bad about it anymore. I am like this with makeup and hair products too but I just realize when I run out I can buy a new one, so now I'm not such a saver anymore :)

Eleanor said...

im a saver too. but definatly not with money. its a bit of a problem. im really living up to whole 'poor student' thing.

Schnelle said...

I do this too! It's a terrible habit and I'm trying really hard to work on it and just try to enjoy things in the present but I'm seriously struggling. I inherited this from my mom! Glad to know I'm not alone.

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