Monday, November 8, 2010

New but Not Now?

Gap jacket (last seen here), Mexx sweater, Seduction lace top, AE cami, Seduction jeans (last seen here, blue version here), Anne Michelle boots, A.Co Designs wool & leather scarf, Aldo bag, bangle & ring & Bijoux Terner necklace

Talk about saving.  This is the first time I broke these boots out... and I bought them last year.  Now, to my defense, I did get them in the dead of winter and with snow, slush and salt, suede isn't exactly your friend.  Furthermore, as soon as the warm-ish weather cuts through the six-month long winter, I'm dying to put on anything other than boots.  So when my girlfriend gasped at me for having new boots (what's the big deal anyways?), I told her they weren't new, I had bought them last year.  Does that make sense though?  When does something become not-new?





Schnelle said...

LOVE those boots! That scarf is fab too!!

Unknown said...

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T said...


Isabel said...

i have a pair of booties i bought last fall right before i left korea and i still havent worn them yet :S but i swear im going to one of these days LOL

oh and martina from italy left the exact same comment on my blog...SPAMMER!

erica said...

loving your outfit. Those boots are beyond HOT!


Anonymous said...

Amazing boots!

drollgirl said...

ohmyGOD those boots are sassy!!!!

i have new stuff in my closet that has never been worn -- sometimes for years. oh well! i don't know why i do that, but it is kind of fun when you actually bust out that article of clothing or shoe/boot and strut it out to be seen by all!

Anh said...

Awesome boots! =)

Valerie said...

Those boots are so cool. You look fab as always. I do that sometimes and let something sit in my closet and then find it again the next year. It's always a fun surprise!


LyddieGal said...

Oh hey - the no knit scarf! how is it working out?

If they aren't worn, they are still new. I'm always buying things out of season and having them hang around for ages before i remember that i love them.

Chic on the Cheap

myedit said...

That scarf is such a neat idea!
I totally know what it is to save 'new'stuff...a) suede and salt are not friends and b) some things need a perfect debut time!

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