Hi ladies, today's post is all about taking basics you may already have in your closet, and transitioning them for spring; the cool to warm weather.

As a neutrals lover, I'm usually starting the base of my outfit with some sort of black, white or denim for the bottoms (the odd time with olive green).  Layering is key in this weather, so grab an oversized cardigan, throw a scarf in your bag and to make the outfit more warm-weather appropriate, I like to pair with a warm weather shoe.  Pumps aren't necessarily for warm weather, but barring your ankles are, so let them breathe.

It's that time again, Shopbop's big spring sale!  Essentially, if you spend under $500, you get 20% off, but if you spend over $500, you get 25% off, use code BIGEVENT17--plus don't forget, free shipping and returns.  I can also confirm for the Canadian girls, if you pay your duty in advance and make any returns, that duty gets refunded when you send your items back + no additional costs upon delivery.

Today I'm sharing a bunch of cute items I have my eye on that fall in the under $100 category.  I went a little nuts during the last sale, so am trying to reign it in this time.  My grey tank above is on sale and I wear it all the time--even in Mexico to work out when I realized I had forgotten my actual workout tanks.  It washes up beautifully, just hang it to dry to keep it nice.

Also, if you're in the mood for splurging, my newest distressed white skinnies are part of the sale (woohoo!), just size down one size because they run a little big--which never happens for me in pants.  Also, I've linked all the white distressed denim here, if you're on the hunt--perfect for summer!

It's Tuesday!  Last night, after a swapping a few sad emojis (ie. about vacation being over) with my girlfriend, we decided to do a impromptu dinner at my place.  I hadn't grabbed groceries and had an errand after work that prevented me from doing so, which meant I needed to whip something up from the cupboards.  #yikes

We went with a Meatless Monday theme, and I made us spinach and parmesan egg-white omelettes along with five-bean (instead of chickpea) cakes and we called it good.  Throwing together a meal without shopping for it isn't exactly my forte, but passing up good company wasn't an option so we made it work!  What do you girls cook in a pinch?  I'm always curious to hear what people eat for dinners.

Hey girls, hope you had a great weekend.  I am back from Cancun and will have a recap of the trip up this week--so many photos, lots to sort through so bear with me!

On Friday, we were still in Mexico, living the life and spending our last day on the beach.  These nude flip flops were my go-to all week, despite packing some tall gladiator sandals for daytime, I couldn't even be bothered to wear 'em.  Also, those cat eye rose gold sunglasses were worn the most of the four I brought, even got a couple compliments from strangers; $15 well spent!

We are on our way home from Mexico today but I wanted to get this post up for you girls so I am writing from the beach to share some wicked deals that are happening online this weekend.

My new favourite black jeans are currently 25% off with code PRIVATE25.  You will be seeing a lot of these in c coming posts because they are the exact same material as my favourite dark blue denim--so stretchy, comfortable, yet thick enough to feel sucked in.

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