This week has been busy--my own doing--with something happening every night.  I don't usually jam pack my schedule, but this week just ended up that way and now I have a weekend with very little plans planned and that's quite alright with me.
On Monday and Wednesday I met up with a friend and we worked out.

I painted my nails with OPI's, 'Mod About You' which is a milky pink that's really pretty but, it's similar to an opaque white where, once it starts to chip, it looks really bad, really fast.
More photos after the jump...

Sorry for the radio silence over the past couple days, I had a bit of blogger's block.  Also, wanted to apologize for offending anyone in my previous video--oops, that was not my intention and I'll work on nixing that word.  That said, there is no need to be mean, we can have different opinions and still get along.  Let's spread positivity and enjoy our time here.

Onto the mid-week snaps!  This week has been pretty boring, ha, but I thought I'd share a few photos I've taken.  It's mainly been a mix of unpacking, running errands and spending time with some family.  I'll let the photos speak for themselves...

Last night, my bestie and I went for pedicures.  It was her first outting since having her baby and quite enjoyed.  I'm not sure of the colour I'm wearing above, it's a plum-y colour from OPI and I forgot to check the name.  I wanted a French pedicure but we went to a place I don't normally go to and they said they couldn't do it.  #wahwah

The first piece of art is hung... and my birthday balloons are still going strong!

My parents are back from their month-long vacation in Florida and my mom brought me back a couple Elf blushes from Target.  For some reason, we don't have Elf at our Targets in Ottawa and it's an inexpensive brand I like to experiment with.

I have been longing to wear these Shoemint lace-up heels for months, but they they felt so summery, even indoors.  That said, I unpacked them the other day and couldn't resist breaking them out--it is the end of March afterall.

Here is the current state of the second bedroom.  I've spent a good four hours chipping away at it, since you saw it last.  Although it looks cluttered--and by all means, it is--it's starting to take shape and I can actually move around in there now.

And finally, a very special visit to my best friend's new baby last night.  He's all of three weeks old and so teeny tiny perfect.
Curled hair & pink lips for the work day earlier this week.
Outfit deets: H&M dress, Swarovski earrings & Maybelline Coloursensational in Fuchsia Flash.

A pic that wasn't included in the full outfit post.

I shared this photo on Instagram with my new shoes--having a major ankle strap moment--and asked you guys to weigh in.  While I love both, I'm digging the yellow more.
Coral  |  Yellow

Off the shoulder for a night out with my man and his friends.

We ate at Izakya, which we have been really excited to try, unfortunately it was a major bust.  We were so disappointed with the food.  On that note, if you're looking to try it out, Wednesday night is 50% off night on the entire menu.

Apres dinner.
Outfit deets: F21 coat, Joe Fresh gloves, Parasuco denim, Aldo boots & clutch.

When I can't share an outfit on my blog, I often post it to Instagram under #acolookdowns

I made pulled pork sandwiches--with a paprika rub, some maple syrup, a can of Guinness and the crock pot--on Thursday evening and home-made 'slaw.

I'm the newest Style Ambassador for Clearly Contacts--more to come on that--and the glasses I picked out arrived yesterday!  So excited about these Dolce & Gabbana specs.

Happy Friday!  Yipee!

Hey guys!  I thought I would share a few photos I took from this week, thus far.  I haven't been using my iPhone camera a ton in the past week--um, what is going on here!?--as proof on my slower Instagram feed, but nonetheless I made sure to snap a few as I planned to share this post today.  

Nothing extraordinary went down, in fact, it has been quite an ordinary week, but alas here are some photos if you'd like to see...

 On Monday night Marco and I went out for burgers and to Mexx to do some shopping for him.  While waiting for him to try on suits and shirts, I snapped a shot of myself.  I really love these Klarr boots from Aldo, they were a bit on the pricey side, but I feel so good in them, they aren't too high and are comfortable--a sure fire way that I will wear them a lot.
Outfit deets:  Dynamite jacket (old), Zara cardigan (thrifted), Zellers fox cami, Sirens pants, Aldo boots & eBay bag.

Sidenote:  I'm thinking about consigning this bag, unless anyone here is interested in it?  If so, just shoot me an email 

Before burgers and shopping was filming my next Place d'Orleans video.  It's a chatty video and it involves a lot of colours--and bloopers!

I filmed in my bedroom this time and used the new light I got from Sarah's hubby.  They own a photo booth business--for weddings, events, etc.--and the stand for this one got broken at a party so they've given it to me on lend until further notice.  It's awesome because now I have the option to film my YouTube videos in evenings when there is no daylight.

One of my purchases you will see in my next PDO video.  I tend to sock away my purchases until I have time to film my videos, which means I don't ever wear them right away.  I wore this Le Chateau top the day after I filmed and loved it more and more as the day progressed--so pretty, a great colour & a perfect cut for me.

Since I've been lifting weights at the gym--versus cardio and body resistance workouts--I have been making protein shakes afterwards.  That said, frequently I don't have any protein with me as a gym session might happen on a whim and while I try to keep my gym bag in my car #noexcuses, I often end up "having" to buy a shake afterwards--which isn't exactly the most cost effective thing to do, but a nice treat once and a while.  Anyway, I had the brilliant idea to ration my protein into small snack bags for my gym bag (riveting, I know). It's perfect as I can just dump the pre-measured powder into my water bottle after my workout and go.

Tuesday night I met Marco at the gym for a later evening workout.  Temperatures have really dropped in Ottawa so I pulled on sweatpants, a hoodie, Uggs & a jacket to head out.
Outfit deets:  Bench jacket, Lululemon hoodie, DKYN tee, Ardene sweatpants & Uggs.

My sister came for a visit at work yesterday with my nephew.  He's almost three months and these little socks had little rubber grips on the bottom--ahhhh-dorable.

Wednesday evening I hit up Place d'Orleans to shop and collect some items for my November video.
Outfit deets:  Winners jacket, Club Monaco scarf, Sirens leggings (navy blue but you can't tell), Spring boots & Aldo cross-body/clutch.

I stopped at Marco's on my way back and he made an amazing chicken parm for dinner with a home-made spaghetti.  So good.

And finally, a purchase from last night, this 3.1 Phillip Lim bag from Target--eep!  While there are still some clothes left of the line at my location, bags have been long gone.  Even when I went at noon on opening day there were none so imagine my surprise when I sauntered in and saw this one... for 50% off!  I think someone bought it, probably used it, and returned it.  The tags were still on, but still... and guess what?  I don't care.  I scooped that up faster than you can say That's my bag, ya bish! and made my way to the cash.  

$31 with tax, thankyouverymuch.  

Also, it's super huge and will be perfect for everyday use, but even more so for lugging around extra stuff like my MacBook, DSLR, a scarf, extra pair of shoes and my lunch even.  Awe-some.

Sorry for the delay on today's post, I was out for volleyball last night and then drinks and food afterwards and the night got away and next thing I knew it was 2am and I was still awake with an 8am workday ahead of me!  On top of that, work was insane today and I continued the busyness into the evening and well, here we are, almost midnight!

So I thought I would share with you a mini recap of this week because... well, why not?  Plus, I love sharing with you all and some interesting things happened, so, here we go...

On Monday, during our lunch hour, my bestie and I decided to forgo our usual lunch hour workout in favour of shopping--who doesn't love that?!--and I ended up picking up these cute diamante skull earrings from Payless Shoes in a six pack (we split the pack, sort of, as I only wanted these ones so she kept the others).

On Tuesday, I took Kiki to the dealership for a planned appointment and they sent me on my way with a loaner for the day (yes, I call her Kiki).  When I picked her up, she was driving smooth, but just a couple hours later all panic ensued while on my way home when she started to break down on the highway just before midnight on my way home.  I managed to get off the highway safely and since I could not drive her (over-heated), I got a tow back to the dealership I was at only hours earlier. 

So.  Frustrating. 

This is a picture of her being dropped off at 1am.  Oh what a night.

The next day I was so happy to have her back, I took a celebratory pic on my way to work.  Haha, I'm still so excited about my car, but then again, it's only been two months since I got her.

On Thursday, Sarah and I finally got our acts together and hit the gym (not sure why, but we've been totally slacking this week!) and had a really good (ie. difficult & sweaty) workout.  Later that evening we played volleyball (as we normally do on Thursday nights with our men).

And tonight I hit up Place d'Orleans to do some shopping and hunt down a few items for my next vlog.  I ended up returning the denim vest I got from Garage in my last vlog and exchanged it for this washed out denim jacket; I love it!  

Oh, and the reason I returned the denim vest?  Because I found one I love even more (despite being $25 more) at Boathouse that we used for the PDO photoshoot.  I love, love, love the wash on it and the pink inner lined cuffs and the distressing; perfection.

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