Friday, April 26, 2013

A Mini Recap of the Past Week

Sorry for the delay on today's post, I was out for volleyball last night and then drinks and food afterwards and the night got away and next thing I knew it was 2am and I was still awake with an 8am workday ahead of me!  On top of that, work was insane today and I continued the busyness into the evening and well, here we are, almost midnight!

So I thought I would share with you a mini recap of this week because... well, why not?  Plus, I love sharing with you all and some interesting things happened, so, here we go...

On Monday, during our lunch hour, my bestie and I decided to forgo our usual lunch hour workout in favour of shopping--who doesn't love that?!--and I ended up picking up these cute diamante skull earrings from Payless Shoes in a six pack (we split the pack, sort of, as I only wanted these ones so she kept the others).

On Tuesday, I took Kiki to the dealership for a planned appointment and they sent me on my way with a loaner for the day (yes, I call her Kiki).  When I picked her up, she was driving smooth, but just a couple hours later all panic ensued while on my way home when she started to break down on the highway just before midnight on my way home.  I managed to get off the highway safely and since I could not drive her (over-heated), I got a tow back to the dealership I was at only hours earlier. 

So.  Frustrating. 

This is a picture of her being dropped off at 1am.  Oh what a night.

The next day I was so happy to have her back, I took a celebratory pic on my way to work.  Haha, I'm still so excited about my car, but then again, it's only been two months since I got her.

On Thursday, Sarah and I finally got our acts together and hit the gym (not sure why, but we've been totally slacking this week!) and had a really good (ie. difficult & sweaty) workout.  Later that evening we played volleyball (as we normally do on Thursday nights with our men).

And tonight I hit up Place d'Orleans to do some shopping and hunt down a few items for my next vlog.  I ended up returning the denim vest I got from Garage in my last vlog and exchanged it for this washed out denim jacket; I love it!  

Oh, and the reason I returned the denim vest?  Because I found one I love even more (despite being $25 more) at Boathouse that we used for the PDO photoshoot.  I love, love, love the wash on it and the pink inner lined cuffs and the distressing; perfection.


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Love the denim jacket!

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