Fall seems to come in as quickly as it goes out so I was thinking I'd put together a little check list of things I'd like to do before that first snowflake falls.

* Eat pumpkin pie.

* Wear over-the-knee sockscomplete

* Take some photos of the changing seasons, putting my new skills to the test.

* Wear heeled boots once per weekend (I find once winter comes, I'm stuck in flat boots in fear of slipping on the ice and falling in heels; now is the perfect time with dry roads).

* Make a cauliflower soup (I've done broccoli before).

* Put together as many weekend outfits as possible from my 2013 Fall Inspiration Pinterest board (tons of layered black & effortless-chic looks).

Fall Inspiration / Love

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I hate that everyone is talking Fall--summer is so short, why are we rushing!?--but at the same time, I can't help but get excited for some Fall fashion.  I have a distinct idea in my mind of what I want to wear this Autumn, providing the weather cooperates--so not likely--and it involves a lot of dark colours (mainly black, grey, navy & burgundy), chunky moto-style boots, oversized scarves and sweaters--nothing new for me--and getting a cute hat with a big pom-pom on it.
F21 jacket (last seen here), Smart Set turtleneck, F21 skirt, unknown tights, 
Aldo flats &booties (last seen here), Suzy necklace & ring

The weekend is finally here (and passing ever so quickly, of course).  This week has been a tough one for getting out of bed in the mornings.  I love sticking to the sheets; the earlier, the stickier.  However, the weekend is finally here which means sleeping in and doing fun (non-work-related) things.  I'm currently out of town brought my laptop with me and was able to get an Internet connection.  The weather is crisp and cool and you can see your breath, perfect for a night in with fresh home-made Indian cuisine, Queen Elizabeth cake for dessert and some of my favourite people. 

November 1st?!  How did that happen?  Hard to believe Fall has come and almost gone already.  Yesterday I was out shopping and they had ornaments, Christmas trees and decorative holiday items out.  I mean, I guess 'tis the season, but it always seems to come so quick.  In other words, we've got under two months till my favourite holiday!  So exciting (but can I skip on the snow).

Fall is officially  here and while I always am sad to see the summer go, I'm extra excited to break out of a warm-weather rut of sundresses and sandals and put my boots and leather jackets to good use. 

One day a few weeks ago, my sister and I were emailing back and forth (as we tend to do daily) and we got onto the topic of fall.  I asked her what her favourite things about fall were, and listed my off quite easily. (and it was kind of fun).  My list included simple yet sweet things such as:
* cool evenings
* wearing boots
* sitting by a fire
* cuddling
* spice foods
* pumpkin pie
* crockpot meals
* cozy knits / sweaters

How do you feel that fall is officially here? The only thing I dread about fall is what comes after it (many, many long months of bitter cold and lots of snow.  Le sigh).

Photos taken with iPhone.  Edited with Instagram.

September has started and fall is just around the corner.  While I absolutely love fall for dressing, I don't love what comes after it: a long cold winter.  I also find fall is too quick to arrive and too fast to leave.  I'm always sad to see the summer end too because (1) it's not long enough, and (2) I love the warm weather (and clothing and footwear that goes along with it).

When do you start transitioning into your 'fall' wardrobe?  Is it by a certain date?  Dependant on the weather?  Or do you incorporate fall-like clothing into your year-round wardrobe like me?

Needless to say, it's the last long weekend of the summer and I'm going to enjoy it to its fullest (hopefully in my swimsuit. C'mon hot weather!).  Hope you all have a happy and safe labour day weekend.  See you Tuesday!

When the air turns crisp and the leaves start to change colour, it's a sign that fall is here.  I like to make the transition into fall by switching it up to my more 'cool-weather' perfums.  I'm always drawn to two scents:  spicy for fall/winter, and citrusy for spring/summer.  Of course there are other notes I enjoy, but the latter are often my immediates.  I also find perfume holds crazy nostalgia and sometimes, after a season of wearing a certain scent, you never want to wear it again, or, everytime you wear it, it doesn't seem right because that time in your life has past and you need something different (too deep?).  However, for me, this is my third fall and when I broke out my two fave scents, I will still as in love with them as the last two years. 

* You can see my entire perfume collection here
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