{ black & white with lots of stripes }

I was totally spoiled this year for Christmas by my family, friends and hubs, and wanted to share with you a few of my favourite goodies.  

 { two jackets with fur & a tulip dress }

 { chiffon & wool tops with a clutch & pashmina to match }

 { the wool snood I was coveting & a super soft scarf }

 { various shoe paraphenalia }

 { MAC Fix + this stuff was a savour on our wedding day thanks to the BFF }

 { Gucci shades - ballinnnnnn' }

 { recognize this shoe?  Hubs had our jeweler custom make this pendant.  
The stone is a orange sapphire }

 What you didn't see:
* Sewing machine (sneak peak)
* Various Bath & Body Works products
* A spider catching device (don't ask)
* Two pairs of black lace-ish patterned tights
* Spa gift certificate (mani, pedi, facial & hair styling)
* Mall gift card & some money
* An iPhone clock radio
* Leopard Christmas ball ornament
* BCBG beaded bracelet in navy with a 'pisces' charm
* Pier 1 candle in my favourite scent
* White fur knee boots
* China serving platter & bowl
* Lots of chocolate

 { the greys }

Boxing Day is the biggest shopping day of the year in Canada, it takes place on December 26th and it's always a mad house at any mall - it's like the Black Friday of Canada.  The last two years my bff and I hit the mall before it opened and had a hay day.  This year, we ended up going much later in the day, but I still scored big time.  Not all the sales are fantastic, and sometimes not even worth it at all, but everything I purchased was 50% off and more than worth it.  I made purchases from Mexx, Jacob and The Bay and haven't had that successful shopping (and splurging) like that in a long time.

 { the blacks }

 { colour }


What I purchased:
* Light grey wool open-faced cardigan, extra long in the body
* Baby pink silk tank with ruched empire 
* Grey (faux) leather skirt
* Black-ish (faux) fur snood
* Dark steel silk cap-sleeved top with boatneck

* Black silk tunic dress
* Black tapestry-style pencil skirt
* Black high-waisted pencil skirt with full zipper at back
* Light grey boat-neck tee (loose)
* Dotted tights
* Dark grey knit headband
* Black square bangle

The Bay
* Vera Moda navy dress with leather circles down front
* Vera Moda light grey t-shirt dress with bird-style embellished sleeves

{ with my chinese-gift-exchange score: two bottles of my fave champagne }

Every year at Christmas time, my high-school friends and I (aka THE 5) get together at my place for potluck dinner and a chinese gift exchange.  We all live in various places and have busy lives and the only time we connect with all five of us is at Christmas.  We try to get together twice a year, but Christmas is always a certainty.

This year it almost didn't pan out as one friend was only in town for a few days, and we all know how busy it can be during the holidays.  However, another friend suggested we do a potluck brunch instead and it worked out so well.  We had baked french toast, veggie quiche, bacon, a fruit platter, fresh juice and coffee.  It was delicious and after we stuffed ourselves with a late brunch, we did our chinese gift exchange ($20 limit) which was equally as fun.  Afterwards we discussed who we have and haven't seen recently from High School, what's coming up in the future, etc.  It's so cool to stay in touch with friends I've had for over a decade (wow, that makes me feel a lil' old) and reminisce about the old memories and create new ones.

{ THE 5 - Christmas 2010 }

See Christmas 2009 & 2008

 { our family tree }

Merry Christmas everyone!  It's been a crazy busy last few days and I've missed you all very much.  I know I've been MIA but the holiday season has taken over my life, and honestly, that's pretty nice.  On Christmas eve I went to work in the morning and spent my time exchanging gifts with friends and coworkers, tying up some lose ends before my 10-day-long vacation, drinking coffee with Bailey's and attending an annual Christmas eve potluck (brunch).  It was fantastic.  I left work around noon and heading in the direction of home with a few stops.  

My sister came over to my place and we got busy preparing (my dad's birthday) dinner for that night (tacos - his choice).  My parents and grandparents showed up just before 5pm and we ate, talked, and laughed.  

Much later that night, my parents, sister and I headed to my parent's house to keep up our annual tradition of us sleeping over the night before Christmas.  We woke up later than normal (which was so nice to sleep in!) and ate breakfast (a combination of fresh fruit, cinnamon buns and croissants) and drank mimosas.  We then ran to the living room to see what Santa brought us and open our gifts.  I was totally spoiled by my parents, sister, hubs and in-laws.  That night we had our (traditional) turkey dinner (my fave) and of course stuffed ourselves to the brim.  

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and I'll be checking your blogs to hopefully see how it went.  I will also be posting more detailed shots on what I got, Boxing Day shopping and more. 

 { my stocking & Santa gifts }

 { opening something totally unexpected and totally exciting: 
my very own sewing machine! }

{ our tree at home with all our gifts underneath }

  I got the boots!!!

We finished decorating our tree and living room a few nights ago, and I'm so excited to share the photos with you!  I'm not really one to do a different colour scheme each year, but I love adding to the collection we already have and enjoy collecting trees and reindeer.   The accent colour in our house, on the main floor at least, is orange (sound familiar?), so I like to keep things flowing with that.  We don't do a 'theme' tree, and while this surprises most people (thinking I of all people would have a matchy-matchy tree) we love the mish-mash of our tree with all our unique, sentimental ornaments we've collected over the years.  Take a look.

{ I used a large jar from our wedding candy buffet and filled it with extra Christmas balls }

{ our living room }

 { favourite ornaments & silver glittery trees in our front foyer }
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