Took my new baby for a car wash for the first time since getting her--it's been so mucky here--and couldn't resist snapping some shots... and then sharing them on here.  

I'm so proud and lucky to have this car, and while the payment is a bit of a snitch, it's worth it because I love this car so, so, so much!

I'm so excited to share with you all my new car: an Infiniti G37 S!  

This car has been my dream car for many years and I never thought I would be able to make it a reality.  I'm still in shock and just so freakin' happy!  

I have been car hunting since last summer, casually, on-and-off, but more seriously since November.  I'm a big car girl and wanted to get a car I really, really loved this time.  I bought my old car nine and a half years ago, and while I looked after it and babied it for many years, it was not my ideal car (but of course it wasn't, I bought it when I was 19). 

When I started my car shopping, I was looking for a new Honda Civic SI.  Brand new, as it would offer me a warranty for many years, and a Civic because it was within my budget and I would feel pretty good driving and having that.  Of course, it was not the car I really wanted.  The car I really wanted was a G37 but I didn't think I would ever find one with the features I wanted and in my budget.

Long story short, I found this car at the beginning of January after pulling out 30 minutes before 'signing on the dotted line' for a new 2012 Civic SI.  I started to pursue this car, but still was unsure if it was financially feasible or the right decision (being a luxury car, ie. higher repair bills; and a used car).  I went back and forth and did a ton of research.  I priced out wheels, a brake job, read forums and reviews about the car.  Hours upon hours of research to really educate myself to make an informed decision (despite loving the car in general).  

Finally, this past week I took possession of the car and could not be flying higher!  It's a real dream come true to be driving this vehicle and I feel so lucky! 

Here are some specs on the car:

2009 Infiniti G37 S
* Pearlescent white on black leather interior.
* 27k kms (practically brand new & never winter driven... until now).
* 6-Speed manual transmission.
* Rear-wheel drive (not ideal for winters here, but this car does not come in all-wheel drive with a manual transmission, which was not an option; I love driving standard).
* 6 CD disc player.
* Moonroof.
* Bluetooth.
* 19" stock alloy rims (the rims on the car currently are the new winter tires and alloy rims I ordered from; love the black rims and couldn't go with regular steel wheels as they wouldn't fit over the brakes).

See my old car HERE.

The day I picked up car: Thursday, February 21, 2012.  So happy!

 Me & the Silver Bullet, February 12, 2013

Last night was a bit of a milestone: after nine and a half years together, I finally sold my car!

I got my car when I was 19 (you do the math) and it was my first car.  I loved it and did my best to look after it.  My Dad, a mechanic, always helped me look after it too, and taught me how to detail my car every Spring, wash it properly by hand and keep it in good shape.  For years I parked far away, never took it through a car wash and babied it.  It was not a top of the line car, as you can see, but I looked after it like it was.

However, over time, like any car, you start to grow out of one and want another and for the past four years, every Spring I'd say, 'I'm selling my car!' and then decide I didn't want to get into a car payment and keep it.

That said, the time has come and as she gets older, again like any car, you start having to do repairs and put more and more money into it.  I replaced half of the exhaust system last spring and wheel barrings twice in a year (blah blah blah, car jargon) and didn't want to be sinking more money into it so I listed it online about a month ago.

I had several inquiries, consistently, a few people come see it and a couple offers.  A couple came to see it on Sunday night, and I just thought it would be another pair of tire-kickers who weren't really serious and I would continue to be stuck with the car, but they were serious.  Within 24 hours they made an offer and within 48 hours I dropped it off at their house and said goodbye to my 'Silver Bullet' forever!  The feeling as we drove off was a little surreal, but I'm looking forward to the future and am getting closer to buying something else, which could potentially be crazy exciting (I have found something but there are some details to be worked out, so we'll see!). 

Me & the Silver Bullet, Fall 2004

Outfit deets:
* Urban Planet sweater (new!) which you can see in my most recent PDO video, What to Wear on a Date.
* Garage tank top (old).
* Zara pants (new!) from the semi-annual sale (seen in the fitting room and later just acting silly).
* Accessories:  The bay bangle (seen in my Accessories + Hair Tutorial vlog).

This was the outfit I wore on Sunday when I went out to do some shopping and also showed my car.  I would classify this as full hair & make-up because it was a filming day, so I took advantage and took some pictures.  I love this outfit and felt very me in it.  Snug pants an an over-sized sweater or top is my favourite thing to wear and these Zara pants are no exception.

So guess what you guys!?  I sold my car!  Eep!  Okay, not totally sold, but the plan is to get the money and sign it away tonight.  I'm so excited, but anticipate some mixed emotions.  I have had my car for nine and a half years, so, a third of my life!  Whoa, when you put it that way (thanks Dad).  

Anyways, provided all goes well, I will have money in hand tonight.  I am slowly working out the details of purchasing something new (I have found something but it's in negotiations so I can't count my chickens before they hatch, so to speak) which means that yes, I will be somewhat car-less for the time being, but I have a plan thanks to someone special.

So, wish me luck that all goes well tonight and I'll let you know what happens with the car purchase over the next week or so.

Today my girlfriend and I are getting away.  Getting out of town.  Getting lost.  And we've made a pact: no cell phones.  Of course we are bringing them with us (duh, safety first my friends), but they are being turned off.  Destination unknown.  A real adventure.  Sometimes you just need to get away (ideally on a holiday that we are getting paid for but don't have to work - woot!).

Happy Good Friday to all. 
American Apparel vest, H&M top (last seen here), Sirens skirt, Suzy belt,
Aldo wedges (last seen here), Bijoux Terner necklace, Aldo bangle & Suzy ring

We have been having crazy rain storms here the past couple of days, which isn't exactly normal for us. I had planned to shoot this outfit post outside, but when it started to pour, that plan changed quickly.  Good thing I snapped up these shots beforehand because I was greated by a very unpleasant surprise when I left work:  my car sitting in a flooded parking lot at work!  Not only that, but my car was the only car (out of hundreds) in the deepest water (what are the chances?!).  After wading to my car (and taking some pictures along the way), I nervously opened my door hoping water wouldn't flow in (as it was to the bottom of the doors), but to my surprise, there already was water inside my car, an inch deep!  Oh yeah, and my former wedding shoes were on the floor in the backseat in a pool of water.  Awesome.  Oh yeah, did I mentioned I got a parking ticket at work, that day? 

{ I took my shoes off to walk through the huge pool to get to my car -
it was almost at my knees at the deepest part -ie. beside my car }

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