Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I sold my car!

 Me & the Silver Bullet, February 12, 2013

Last night was a bit of a milestone: after nine and a half years together, I finally sold my car!

I got my car when I was 19 (you do the math) and it was my first car.  I loved it and did my best to look after it.  My Dad, a mechanic, always helped me look after it too, and taught me how to detail my car every Spring, wash it properly by hand and keep it in good shape.  For years I parked far away, never took it through a car wash and babied it.  It was not a top of the line car, as you can see, but I looked after it like it was.

However, over time, like any car, you start to grow out of one and want another and for the past four years, every Spring I'd say, 'I'm selling my car!' and then decide I didn't want to get into a car payment and keep it.

That said, the time has come and as she gets older, again like any car, you start having to do repairs and put more and more money into it.  I replaced half of the exhaust system last spring and wheel barrings twice in a year (blah blah blah, car jargon) and didn't want to be sinking more money into it so I listed it online about a month ago.

I had several inquiries, consistently, a few people come see it and a couple offers.  A couple came to see it on Sunday night, and I just thought it would be another pair of tire-kickers who weren't really serious and I would continue to be stuck with the car, but they were serious.  Within 24 hours they made an offer and within 48 hours I dropped it off at their house and said goodbye to my 'Silver Bullet' forever!  The feeling as we drove off was a little surreal, but I'm looking forward to the future and am getting closer to buying something else, which could potentially be crazy exciting (I have found something but there are some details to be worked out, so we'll see!). 

Me & the Silver Bullet, Fall 2004



Anonymous said...

Congrats. Where' the "Let's Chat" for this week?

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

@Anon: Thanks & it's up now!! Love the enthusiasm for Let's Chat! :D

Anonymous said...

Also, I wanted to ask you - where did you get your liquid leather-look leggings?

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

@Anon: I have a few pairs: Urban Planet (more matte looking ones) and Sirens for inexpensive, but I also have a pair from American Apparel which were pricey (around $60). I tend to wear my less expensive ones though, they are just comfier, it seems.

Anonymous said...

Perfect. Thanks for responding re: the leggings!

Danille Folson said...

I love the photo where you kissed your car. I believe it's a goodbye kiss. :) Anyway, good thing your transaction with the car buyer seemed to be smooth. But I'm sure you were quite confident about selling your car. I assume it was in good condition since your father is a mechanic. BTW, were you able to purchase a new car? Keep us posted about it!

-Danille Folson

Ava Harness said...

Almost a decade, and it still looks great! Having your dad check it every so often probably made a lot of difference as to the lifespan of your car; though I know the pains of maintenance in an old car all too much. I had mine for less than yours (turning 6, I think), and it’s starting to bear down on me when it comes to preventive maintenance. I may have to start thinking on how I’m going to sell my current car and look for a new one.

>>> Ava

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