Friday, September 5, 2014

I'm in New York City!

Happy Friday from NYC!  Marco and I are here for a few days in the big apple to celebrate our anniversary. This is my first time here (shock is usually the look on people's faces when I state that...) and we are staying in Times Square being full on tourists!

We arrived mid-afternoon yesterday and were able to check into our hotel. We unpacked a little then ended up snoozing a couple hours away. So zonked from being up at 5:30am. Despite it technically being less than three hours flying time, we had a connecting flight with a layover and also flew into Newark and grabbed a shuttle into the city--so, all time consuming but still so wonderful to be able to fly (versus the eight hour drive). 

When we finally woke up, we got ready and headed out in search of some grub. We took the subway down to Yankee Stadium and caught a game against the Red Sox, then back to Times Square to shop and poke around... at 11pm!  The city really does not sleep. 

I am, of course, snapping photos and vlogging and will share more photos next week. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram if you'd like (I'm acoest1984), to see more. Have a great weekend!


Renee said...

Have an awesome trip lady! I'll be following along on your instagram for sure! :)

Jill Sarah said...

I love NYC! Have a wonderful time! Happy Anniversary :)

Cassandra Spencer said...

Happy Anniversary Dynamic Duo! Take a big big bite of the's amazing..and yes I am SHOCKED you of all people have NEVER been to NYC!

Sarah Palisek said...

Enjoy your anniversary trip lovebirds. Have a great time and take in everything you can. You can sleep when you're home.

Ask locals where they like to eat. See the sights (Empire State building and Statue of Liberty). Take the tour bus around for the day to see Central Park and learn about the city.

Go up to Harlem and check it out. And try to see a show of some sort. You can get day of tickets to letterman or Fallon or something cool. Just ask your hotel concierge for information. Also ask for good food recos and small off the beaten track places.

Enjoy!!!! What a perfect time of year to go.

586Rexford said...

Happy anniversary to such a sweet couple!

Can we possibly see a haul video of what you bought when you get back? (I'm certain that you will be doing some shopping there.)

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