Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps (Moving Weekend)

On Friday night, instead of packing, I went to Winners for some retail therapy.  As you know, I've been sick recently, completely run down from doing too much, and I moved yesterday.  I needed a couple hours of pure, unproductive, me time.

I found this gorgeous Helmut Lang blazer and would have seriously contemplated forking out the cash, had it been one size bigger.  I know the picture looks okay, but the shoulders and arms were a smidge too tight.

So instead I found this Premise Studio angled blazer that I snatched up.

It was so mild on Friday, that for the first time since October, I didn't wear boots to work--what a nice feeling.

I got home and quickly changed for an impromptu dinner date with Marco.  I changed into black skinnies & OTK boots; I didn't even touch up my make-up and later wished I kind of had because...

More after the jump...

...he took me to The Keg Manor.  Our meals were amazing and the glass of wine was a great unwind to a super busy week.

Here's a look at what I wore, without the jacket.
Outfit deers:  Joe Fresh top, Urban Planet chiffon cami & pants, Aldo boots & clutch.

On Saturday morning I went back to the gym for the first time in two weeks--since getting sick.

Then killed a breakfast out post-workout.

I spent the late afternoon packing up my apartment and then Marco suggested we...
...meet at the new spot and get pizza (and beer).  He showed up with both and we relaxed for a bit before heading back to our respective apartments to pack some more.

Sunday morning I went to the gym, but almost didn't since I knew I had a ton of packing to do.

Then it was home to pack all afternoon.

Around 5:30pm, Marco picked me up and we eventually ended up at 168 Sushi for dinner; we tried Montanas and they had a 30 minute wait (on a Sunday?!).

Then it was back to our respective places to finish up packing for Monday, aka move day!  I stayed up till 3am because as it turned out, was less organized and packed than I had thought.

Taking one last look at my place before hitting the sack on Sunday night--this shot is taken from standing at the front door.

Monday moving day!  We had quite the stressful morning with our scheduled movers screwing us over first thing and then scrambling to find new movers--what an ordeal!  More on that and photos of the new place later this week.

The new spot!  I snapped a photo before the stuff started to come in.  Here's a peek at the kitchen if you haven't already seen it.

The second bedroom, just jammed with boxes, shoes, clothes, bags, and hatboxes.  Where to start?!

I was super stressed and emotional on Monday afternoon.  I have heard moving is one of the top 3 stresses in life, and I believe it now; I was randomly tearing up and feeling super overwhelmed.  We decided, despite having ton to do, to go out for dinner and just take a breather.  It was probably the best decision all day.  We went to Swiss Chalet, laughed and then stopped at Canadian Tire to grab a few necessities and then both our places to pick up a few more items that hadn't been moved.  Then back to the new spot.

I took today off to (1) sleep in, and (2) unpack and organize.  Here is a sneak peak at our living room--we are using my furniture until our new couch is ready, which could take up to four months.

I spent the day puttering around, started to organize my clothes, bathroom, kitchen and whatnot.

I went out to the grocery store around 6pm to grab some food to fill the fridge and make dinner.  I surprised Marco with fajitas and since we don't have our dining room chairs yet, we ate standing up, but our first dinner in the new place still turned out great.

Thanks so much for reading and your patience with me during this crazy time.  I feel pretty overwhelmed with all the unpacking and organizing I still have to do but connecting with you all is a happy part of my day and brings so much joy to my life.  Thanks for being here & coming along on this journey with me.



Anonymous said...

Your new place place looks gorgeous, love the big windows! Moving is one of the most steesful things to do, I get stressed & tear up as well.

Enjoy your new chapter in your new space with Marco! xo

tinatre said...

Ugh, I once had to move 4 hrs. away & it took several trips on 1 weekend to accomplish. I just ended up giving half my stuff to Goodwill. Your condo looks amazing!!! The view at night must be awesome!!!

tinatre said...

Oh, that Helmut Lang blazer!!! Beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! New home! Your fajitas look delish!
Take some time for yourself now.

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