Tuesday, February 25, 2014

At Home Sick

Hey guys, sorry for the radio silence these past couple days; I'm at home sick and really not feeling like doing much but laying in bed watching Netflix--not that I should be doing much, as rest is needed to get better.

Moving around is unpleasant so I mainly go between my bedroom and the kitchen to grab food, which I cannot taste, I might add.  I have a terrible sinus cold and this is such bad timing because I'm moving in less than two weeks and have so much packing to do.  I know I mentioned last Friday I was running on empty and as it turns out, my body has had enough.  It's physically now telling me to slow the f down and rest.

And so, I'm resting, which is boring but needed.  I did finish the first season of Orange is the New Black (holy finale!) and going to start the next season as soon as I finish the movie, Kids with Friends.  Netflix is my saviour! 

I've got Buckley's, an Internet connection and lots of tea & snacks.  Thanks for being patient while I'm being a patient and stay tuned for those weekend snaps I promised you.



Rebecca Jane said...

Feel better soon!

Melissa MacKenzie said...

Awww that sucks. Sickness always happens at the worst time doesn't it? Feel better soon!

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