Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How To: Add Interest to an Outfit

 Outfit deets:
* Gap dress (thrifted) which I've had for a couple years and you've seen belted with a turtle neck and tights and also with my favourite gladiator sandals.
* Gap denim jacket (thrifted recently) that I'm absolutely in love with.  It seems to trump all other denim jackets I own (which are numerous).
* Joe Fresh suede boots that I've had since Joe Fresh first opened (four years ago?) and I wore with a sweater/skirt/tights combo in autumn.
* Accessories:  Le Chateau pashmina & necklace, Michael Kors watch & random bangles.

Adding interest to an outfit can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.  Accessories are key and the possibilities are endless.

Above, I've shown the perfect (and easiest) way to add interest to an outfit with simple accessories: a necklace, jacket and pashmina.

I started with a basic a-line/tent style dress and casual flat boots (it was a sunny, semi-chilly spring day).  I added a wooden beaded necklace.  Then layered a denim jacket.  And lastly added a pashmina (which came in handy while sitting on patio later on when the wind picked up).

I personally tend to keep a jacket and pashmina with me at all times (throughout the spring/summer/fall) as the temperatures can be unpredictable and/or your day may run into the evening when the mercury tends to drop.  It is a simple and basic way to chic-ify your outfit and stay cozy too.



Anonymous said...

You are soooooooooo self-involved and impressed with yourself, and I have no idea why.

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

You are right- accessories are key! This is something you do notably well. I like the idea of attending a party in the full layers that you have in the third picture and then allowing yourself to lose the jacket and scarf when it gets more relaxed (dancing, etc). really well done.

I hope you are ignoring the above. What do you want to bet this person reads your site everyday obsessing over you? I'd bet a lot! Happy people don't bully anonymously over the internet- that is a fact.

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

@anon: Thanks for being SO involved in my blog and commenting! Love that you're reading :)

@caitlin: awww thanks & LOL

Eh-non, a mouse. said...

I am sooooooo impressed with you and I can certainly see why! Your blog is fabulous and you inspire others. Your fashion sense is impeccable and your DIYs are great. Thanks for this blog and being you.

My Grammy always told me, "If you have nothing nice to say, don't post anonymously, hateful words publicly. Stand behind your thoughts and be willing to take an equally fuelled response". may not have gone exactly like that, but you get the jist!

Cyber bullying is such a grade school epidemic..

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