Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Negative Qualities

Negative qualities.  We all have them.  I prefer to focus on the positive, but hey, we all have a little something or another to work on to be, as I like to say, the best version of ourselves.  Sometimes our not-so-positive qualities are obvious to us and others need or will point them out.  Other times, we know exactly what they are, and how they come across to others.

I think in the world of blogging we often tend to portray a 'picture perfect' version of ourselves.  Why on earth would a blogger write something negative about themselves, or reveal something less than perfect?  However, I'm a real person, with real emotions and feelings and (gasp!) negative qualities.  There are the types of things I work on, on a daily basis.  Okay, sometimes I forget to work on them, and the bitch comes out, but I try, and that's what counts, right?  Sort of.

My negative qualities come out when things aren't going my way, when something is taking too long, when someone is asking too many questions.  In other words, I'm super impatient.  I get frustrated easily and have a hard time staying calm.  I am a big fan of yelling, and I honestly wish I could stop.  It's not fun, attractive, nor fair.  Why can't I speak out like a cool, calm and collected person?  As a self-proclaimed type-A personality, I have a hard time being easy-going, letting things go, and 'rolling with it'.  I try to fight it, but it's naturally me to be this way.  It's not an excuse, it's a fact, and it's something I try to fight against. 

I aim to be the best version of myself, all the time.  Sometimes I slip up, we all do, but I work on it.  I work to turn those negative qualities into something a little less negative, to be a little bit better (even if it's taking a deep breath or counting to three before totally losing my cool), and to be someone I would want to be friends with.

What are your negative qualities?  I dare you to comment, post, or discuss.  Not always easy, but certainly interesting.

PS - I'm always late.  Add that to the list.



Anonymous said...

I totally agree, it is very much a 'perfect world' in blogger.

I have many negative qualities. . .I give dirty looks - a lot. . . I judge people. . .I eat too much. . .and I pull mouldy peach pits out of my purse. I admitted that one last night on my blog in an effort to be more real. I'm glad we are on the same page!!

Kate said...

Props to you for sharing! It's true, I do look at a lot of bloggers and wonder "is there life really this perfect?"

I'm messy. I often think "if someone randomly came to visit right now, I'd be really embarrassed". I have a bit of social anxiety. If it's not familiar and comfortable, I get nervous and anxious and will often bail or give you a 'maybe' answer if you ask me if I want to go somewhere. Sometimes I think I'm not a fun person.

And I too, am always, always late!

Kate said...

Oh, and there's another imperfection (which I honestly can't believe I did... I'm usually careful on this one) - I said "there" instead of "their"! Oops!

Piglet said...

My negative qualities came out in full force last night. I bottle everything up inside and when I can't take it anymore I explode in the worst way. I hate it....

Loren said...

I'm really impatient and if things don't get to me fast enough...I admit I throw hissy fits sometimes. And at 25 its not pretty. ;)
I'm also very flaky. I will make plans with someone and then bail. I'm not proud of that, but at least I know these qualities about myself and can, in time work on improving myself.

Veronika said...

impatience is also my worst quality...I totally relate to everything you wrote! thanks for sharing this :)

Jamie said...

I am a planner. I like to know the plan always. I am looking ahead and wanting to iron out every detail of what's going to happen and how things will go. I am trying to get better about doing things on a whim and throwing caution to the wind!

Schnelle said...

You're right about that- everything is usually portrayed to be picture perfect in the blogosphere. When I read that second to last paragraph, I was like wow, that's Did I write this? I'm also extremely impatient, quick to jump the gun, quick to yell, scream, and break down in tears. Unlike, my husband who is the total opposite- cool, calm, collected, he can roll with things. Sometimes this is good because he can calm me down but if we are arguing, sometimes it just infuriates me even more. Oh I also have (self diagnosed) OCD and I freak out if things aren't in perfect order.

Unknown said...

Great post lady! I LOVE IT to pieces ♥ Yes indeed...we all do have negative qualities whether we want to admit it or not. It's these qualities that make us who we are. The good & the bad!

Onto my negatives: I'm late, i'm late...i'm always late! I see the negatives before the positives & at times i can be very selfish.

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