Monday, August 9, 2010

My (surprise) Work Bridal Shower

My coworkers totally tricked me.  They threw me a bridal shower and I had no idea!  Very thoughtful and very impressive.  Here's how it went down:  My girl friend CG and I work together-ish.  She scheduled a meeting for us for a 'quick chat' but assured me everything was okay.  15 minutes before our meeting, I ran to the bathroom, thinking I would have enough time, but ran into my friend.  Now this is odd since she works on the first floor and I'm on the sixth, but I made nothing of it and she said she'd wait for me.  Sure enough, when I came back, she was waiting outside a boardroom (with a closed door) and pulled me in where over 20 people were waiting to surprise me!  Isn't that the sweetest?  They had a huge cake, a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me, CG made cherry chip cupcakes because she knows they're my fave, they also had some drinks, a 'BRIDE' sash and a super sweet card with a gift card inside!  I am blown away and they really got me good - I feel so thankful.

{me & CG }

Bridal Shower III


Closet Fashionista said...

Aww that is so cute!!! :D

I am Khatu said...

aww congrats! didn't know what your name was until now... lol.

julianne. said...

you spoiled girl.
this is so amaizng.
im so excited for you still, its commmingg dearr.<333

Anna Jane said...

that's awesome - your co-workers must think very highly of you! congrats again.
xx anna jane

Sara said...

Wow you're really surrounded by some great people!! :)

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