Happy Tuesday ladies!  This past weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada so it was a long weekend for me with tons of family & eating.  First though, some very sad news....

Hi ladies!  I'm so sorry I've been MIA for several days--the weekend got away from me since I was somewhat out of my usual routine as I was staying at my parent's place.  They went away for the weekend so I stayed there to watch our family dog, Peanut.  

Unfortunately, she is getting very old and we don't know how much longer she will be around--her quality of life has really take a turn for the worse over the past year, so it was great to spend some quality time with her over the weekend.

So with that, onto the snaps!

My new shoes came in (you saw the red pair) and I love the black even more.  

These definitely run true to size but are in half sizes.  I'm a size 10 and ordered the 8UK and it's a perfect fit.  The one qualm about these, and experienced with the other pair, is that they rub on the heel of my smaller foot as I walk and create a blister.  That said, sometimes certain shoes just need to be broken in, and I consider these like that.  I'm sure after several wears they will be good to go.  Ultimately, I'm super pleased with my purchased.

I stopped at the condo before heading to my parent's place for the long weekend, to pack and get changed into my gym clothes.

Since I fell ill with Laryngitis that's turned into a cold--that is still kind of holding on--I missed the weekend before lasts' iPhone Snaps, but that's because I pretty much spent it in bed watching YouTube and being bored.  I've compiled a bunch of photos I took over the course of the last few weeks so we'll call this a Weekend+ Recap since it's more than this last weekend.  

Since there's so many photos, I'll put the majority after the jump if you'd like to see…

My goal was to have long nails for Christmas--mission accomplished!  I'm so proud because I'm a chronic nail biter so this was tough but makes me so happy.
Nail colour:  N.Y.C. (not sure the colour name)

I met a girl in my apartment building one evening before I got sick in the elevator.  We were both wearing headbands and I complimented  her on hers and she offered to make me one!  A few days later I found this beauty on my door handle.

Pho, one evening in Chinatown.
Outfit deets:  Bench jacket, Club Monaco scarf (old), Walmart leggings, Jacob leg warmers, Spring boots, F21 cross-body and Jules & James hat and mitts.

More photos after the jump…

This vlog is super short and just shows a good 24 hours of last weekend.  Sorry this is up so late, haven't had a chance to edit and upload it until now; I almost considered just scrapping it, but, alas here it is.



See more of Peanut HERE





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EDITING SOFTWARE | Adobe Premiere Elements 11

This video is not sponsored...clearly.

Thanks for watching!

The night before, the tree at my parent's house all lit up and ready.

My sister always insists we get up uber early on Christmas morning 
(confession: I snoozed two more times after this initial alarm).

 Our Christmas breakfast tradition: Mimosas & cinnamon buns (and croissants!).

Stocking time.

 New perfume I wanted.

 With my sister's dog, Piper 
(a little blurry, but she was excited about her new ball, and too cute not to include).

Earrings I have been coveting for over a year.

The family Gingerbread House (I didn't help, but took photographs, ha).

My favourite little girl, Peanut.

  After dinner treats (mostly home-made by my mom).

 Opening presents with someone special later on that evening (outfit deets HERE).


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 I looked after Peanut for an extended long weekend while my parent's went away.  
She's so cute and fun to have around...
except when she wakes me up at 3:45am to go outside.

 Friday night my girl friend and I got Greek on Wheels and hung out.

 Saturday I went to breakfast with some of my favourite girl friends.

A surprise from a friend and my fave.

 Saturday morning breakfast.

 After breakfast, my bff and I checked out the local Farmers Market... which was totally lame and we left after seeing everything in five minutes.

That evening I discovered my new favourite wine:  Fuzion Pinot Grigio.
Clearly a favourite as the bottle is empty.

Saturday night dinner.  Ahh-mazing.

 Peanut and I relaxed on Sunday morning; I had a shake, she wished she had a shake.

 Then we met up with a friend (and I wore my favourite denim shorts)...

...for some iced coffee on a patio.

 On Sunday night there was some sort of hot-air-balloon festival happening and I snapped this shot from my bedroom window.

That evening we had an #XtremeWaterparks meeting to prep for the next day.
Outfit deets:  Garage cropped denim jacket, Dynamite tube top and Pure & Simple maxi skirt.

 Monday morning, upon arrival at Calypso waterpark, way before opening hours.

After a long day of filming, climbing over 150 flights of stairs (not kidding) during the day and having the time of our lives; enjoying a cold one.

I actually managed to pull myself together on Monday evening and go out for dinner.
Outfit deets:  Joe Fresh dress, vintage (thrifted) belt & Kelsi Dagger wedges

Probably the best (fois gras) burger I've ever had in my entire life.

 On Friday I went out for lunch with friends for a birthday celebration.  
Breakfast for lunch is always a winner.

 Friday night.
Outfit deets:  Joe Fresh dress (worn backwards) & eventually my Vince Camuto 'Kastern' sandals.

Friday night dinner.

 Saturday afternoon lunch date.

 Saturday night my girlfriends and I headed to a club where they were having, 'Grind', a once monthly party featuring hip-hop and reggaeton.  They had four DJ's mixing and my goal was to dance... so I wore my skate shoes... (ha!)... and dance we did!
Outfit deets:  Sirens top & shorts & Adio skate shoes (old).

 Shoe game.

 Making bad (bagel) decisions at 2am.

 Sunday morning mani with Essie's 'Turquiose & Caicos'.

Sunday outfit for my sister's birthday dinner.
Outfit deets: H&M dress, Aldo (DIY studded) wedges, MK watch & thrifted necklace.

 We had fajitas.

 I got some love from Peanut (first photo) & Piper (second).

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